From The Editor's Desk; By Ronald F. Eustice

As I write this column in late October, 2004, autumn has come to Minnesota. The leaves have started to fall, the evenings are crisp, and the birds, ducks and geese are starting to fly south. We are preparing for winterís long slumber.
A special thank you to all of our namesakes and family descendants who continue to support our efforts to share the history of our families. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to publish the Eustace Families Post. Your continued support helps to make this time seem worthwhile. I welcome your suggestions, corrections and ideas.
In this issue, readers will become better acquainted with Douglas Eustace of Oregon, Larry Robran of Arizona and Brad and Mary K. Eustice of Minnesota. It is a pleasure to share these stories with you.

In each issue we attempt to feature family members from various branches. Douglas Eustaceís ancestry is most interesting because he descends from two Eustace lines that eventually meet in the early 1700s. In the April issue we featured Robert Eustice of Mississippi and Charles Eustis of New York, both descendants of the Cornwall families. We also featured Dick Eustace of Exminster, United Kingdom as the result of an article published in his local newspaper that he shared with us. We hope to share more biographical sketches with you in future issues. Please send information that will help me to write articles.

As I finish this issue of the Eustace Families Post in October 2004, we are preparing for a very close election in the USA. It seems that the United States has become more contentious and polarized than ever before. Hopefully after the election, we can move forward and get on with life. Unquestionably, we are living in a time of much international unrest. The events of September 11th have had a huge impact on how we live our lives.
Itís been a busy year for us. In late November, I will be traveling to Argentina and Uruguay as a guest of the United Nations to speak about food irradiation at food safety conferences. In Uruguay, I will be able to visit several host families with whom I stayed while participating in the International 4-H Youth Exchange in 1967-68. My wife Margaret will travel with me.

Our children have very busy lives too! Our son Kevin is working on his Ph.D at UCLA and spent the summer working with INTEL in Portland, Oregon. Kevin and Alison Walker will be married in April. Alison is from Bakersfield, California and is also working on her Ph.D. We are thrilled and look forward to all the excitement that a new daughter-in-law will bring to our family! Our son John and daughter AnnMarie are busy with their studies at the University of Minnesota, jobs and busy schedules but we enjoy the fact that they are both in Minneapolis so we see them on a regular basis. John will complete his studies in Horticulture in December. AnnMarie is pursuing a degree in Interior Design.

Need a gift idea? Why not consider giving a gift subscription of the Eustace Families Post to that relative that seems to have everything? A gift subscription will make a lasting gift because family history lasts forever.
We wish you all the best for a wonderful holiday season and would love to hear from you or see you when you are in the area of Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota.