Letter From Mrs. H. Brunt Regarding Kingsway Far, Aston

Coybal Farm,
New Quay Ceredigion,
Wales, SA45 9TU.
Monday, 17th May 2004

Dear David Eustace,
Many thanks for the April 2004 Eustace Families Post. This edition was especially interesting to me featuring as it did Chapter 5 of The Eustaces of the Chiltern Hundreds.

My grandfather, Cyril John Luckett, son of Annie Eustace and John Luckett was born at Kingsway Farm, Aston and I was brought up at Shifford, a nearby village, so I think I can safely say that the picture and map on page 21 of the E. F. P. are not Aston, Oxfordshire.

The map shows Aston, Shropshire, some 100 miles NW of Aston, Oxfordshire. The picture of Aston Manor Council House appears to be a large civic building, (possibly in Aston, Birmingham) but certainly not Aston, Oxon! I enclose a village guide of Aston and Cote, Oxfordshire. The map in the centre shows Kingsway Farm at the bottom of the page and although no mention is made of Eustaces, mention is made of the brick making activities in Aston.

Being descended from William and Elizabeth, I am very interested in all their offspring. Iím a little confused about their daughter Alice. In the family tree she is shown as marrying a Mr. Evans, in the text a Mr. A Howlett and according to my research she married John Heybourn, a local farmer (is this the Heyberd family referred to in the text?).

Also from the family tree Mary Ann Eustace married Alfred Howell but in the text she married William White. In the index of the 1861 census for Oxfordshire she appears to be in a family group thus:
Chipping Norton Reg. District (Folio 106 Piece 0909)
James White 1830 (Ascott I Wychwood)
Mary Ann White 1834
William White 1856
Harriet White 1858
George Eustace White 1859
Susan White 1860
William White 1791

Without consulting the actual census return I can't be sure but it appears likely she was married to James and William was her father-in-law.

Re Richard Eustace who married Ann Shaw: his eldest daughter~ Betsy, married Vincent Wallis from the Wallis family in Shifford, a couple of miles from Aston.

Yours sincerely,
(Mrs. H. Brunt)
P.S. Can anyone tell me the maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of William Eustace and mother of 22 children?