Queries, Comments & Correspondence:

Roland Eustace of Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom writes:
David: As per telephone conversation - After the Chilterns (EFP April 2004) Page 21. ref - to Aston. Manor House 1882 and map are not Aston in Oxfordshire but Ludlow A49 in Shropshire. Aston, Oxfordshire is close to Witney A4095.
Editorís Note: Roland Eustace and Mrs. H. Brunt are correct. The graphic and map on page 21 of the April 2004 Eustace Families Post are not Aston, Oxfordshire. Our sincere apologies. RFE.

From: Doreen Bowen dorayme378@hotmail.com
Subject: DECEMBER Eustace Families Post
Thank you for my copy. I am still unsure of our family connection to the Eustace clan. It may be though the Bayliss family or Alsop family who emigrated to North America in the nineteenth century.I believe the originalEustace newsletter was combined with the Alsop news. I have two copies of these early newsletters one of which describes the events surrounding the families emigration from Montgomeryshire(powys) to America. Is there anyone who could help me with this? Recently I noticed that there are Alsops buried in Sarn churchyard . I would think they must be related to the original emigrants. Doreen.

Editorís Note: The Kansas Eustace published a newsletter called EU-AL; News of the Alsop-Eustace Clan through the 1960s. The newsletter included items from Australia, the US and Great Britain. Several editions have been sent to the EFP editor by longtime member Hobart Hutchinson, whose mother was a Eustace.

Jean Eustis of Camillus, New York, USA writes:
Subject: Re: EustisDavid: Thank you for your response. Yes, I have seen the Eustis pages on line. I made a BIG mistake with the George I asked you about. George, born in 1774ónot 1874ó and married Philippa Bullen in 1810. They had at least 6 children. Three of which came to America in the 1820-1830s, But there has not been any mention of him in any of our census. Also the story was that Tobias came with his nephew, Richard T. Eustis in 1836 and his mother, Philippa. I have been wondering if any one knows when and where George might have died. Thank you.  JE301@aol.com