Eustis/Eustice/Eustace Families of Schuylerville, New York:

The well-written and mostly accurate obituary of County Longford, Ireland native John Eustice (1833-1916) who lived in Janesville, Minnesota provides important pieces of information that offers clues and create opportunities for some challenging and rewarding family history research.

This obituary published in the July 5, 1916 edition of the Janesville Argus states, “At the age of fourteen he came to America and resided four years with an aunt at Schuylerville, New York. Later he came west and settled at Mapleton, Waukesha County, Wisconsin where he resided with his father until the latter’s death”. The obituary fails to mention the name of the aunt or of the father.

Our challenge has been to determine the identity of John’s aunt as well as the name of his father. A further challenge has been to determine a link, if any, between John Eustice and the Eustis family that has lived in Schuylerville from the 1850s to the present.

During the late 1970’s visits to St. Catherine’s cemetery in rural Mapleton, Wisconsin helped “unearth” a broken, but well-preserved headstone which includes the following inscription: James Eustis— Native of the Parish of Ballymahon, Co. Longford, Ireland—Died March 27, 1855— 58 Years of Age—May he Rest in Peace—Erected by his son John. This discovery provided valuable information including the identity of John Eustice’s father as well as further confirmation of the link with Ballymahon, County Longford. The headstone was replaced by a new marker during the 1970s by descendents in Waseca County, Minnesota.

A further check of Waukesha County, Wisconsin probate records showed that James died without a will (intestate) and that his son John Eustis was the heir to the estate of approximately $200 that was left upon his death. However no other heirs were mentioned in the probate records. Should we assume that John was the only surviving relative or search further to determine if there were other descendents or relatives still alive but not mentioned in the probate record?

The next challenge was been to identify John’s aunt as well as to determine if there were additional members of the family living in the Schuylerville, New York area during the 1850s and beyond. The 1850 US Census for the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York lists Bridget Eustice age 22 and John Eustice age 17 living in the home of William Carle, age 46, a watchman born in Ireland and his wife Bridget, age 48, also born in Ireland. Besides William and Bridget Carle, John and Bridget Eustice, ten others lived in the home including Elizabeth (16), Catherine (14) and Mary Carroll (4), apparently children of William and Bridget. As the result of a search through twenty-five years of state and federal census records, these children become an important clue to sorting out family relationships complicated by early deaths and lack of additional records. Note that in Ireland the surname Carroll is interchanged with Carle and both are pronounced as Americans pronounce the name Carl.

Who Was Bridget Carle? Was She a Eustace?
Based on the U.S. census record, Bridget Carle (Carroll) was born about 1802. No further record of this Bridget has been found and it appears that she died between 1854 and 1855 probably in the Schuylerville area. No burial record or obituary has been found. Records for baptisms and marriages of Irish Catholics rarely exist prior to 1820 thus making it difficult to prove Bridget’s parentage from parochial records.

I have cautiously proceeded with the theory that Bridget Carle was a Eustace and that she was a sister to James Eustis/Eustace, father of John Eustice ancestor of the Eustice family of Janesville, Waseca County, Minnesota. Following is what I have learned.
Bridget’s husband William Carle/Carroll is listed on the 1850 US census as a 46 year old watchman, but on the 1855 New York state census he is listed as a grocer man. He appears to have gotten younger and gave his age as 40. At the time of the census, he has been married about one year to a second Bridget who was 25 years old and had lived in the U.S. six years. Life during this period was hard and unpredictable. A father suddenly left with small children often married quickly and the fact that the second wife was half his age did not matter. After all, marriages often occurred for economic security rather than for love.

The exact identity of the second Bridget becomes somewhat of a mystery. We have determined that the both Bridgets are Eustaces/Eustis’, but how are they related? Is the younger Bridget Eustace the same person who was born to James Eustace and his wife Bridget Kennedy and baptized at Ballymahon, Ireland in 1830, making her a niece to the first Bridget, or is she a “cousin” a member of a separate but probably related Eustace family? (The latter seems more likely).

Also living in the Carroll home at the time of the 1855 census were Catherine Carroll age 6 months and John Ustest (Eustice?), boarder, age 45 who was a naturalized citizen and had lived in the U.S. 13 years. Catherine Carroll becomes a key to identifying family connections as we follow her through census records for the next 20 years. John Eustis/Eustace, who appears to be single and never married, appears in the same household as Catherine thereby providing another link.

It appears that William Carroll died in late 1855 because his estate was transferred to his widow Bridget Carroll in Saratoga County records on January 7, 1856. The Guardianship paper for Mary Carroll and Catherine Carroll processed in 1858 provides evidence of the relationship between the children, Bridget Eustace Carroll, John Eustace and Thomas and Mary Eustace.

Guardianship Record of Bridget Gannon, mother of Catherine Carroll and the mother-in-law of Mary Carroll (Saratoga County, New York-1858).
The record states, Mary is to best information present recollected is 13 years and about 6 months of age that said Catherine was 3 years on the fifteenth of December; the only relatives of said minors residing in the county are your petitioner (Bridget Gannon) and John Uestis (Eustace) who is the maternal uncle to said Mary—that Thomas Uestis and Mary Uestis are Maternal Uncle and Aunt to said Catherine.
Note: Catherine Carroll the daughter of Bridget Eustis/Eustace and William Carroll was then 3 years old on December 15th (making her born December 15, 1854).

The 1858 Guardianship Record of Bridget Gannon, mother of Catherine Carroll and the mother-in-law of Mary Carroll is a key to unraveling the identities and relationship of those involved.

Instead of mother-in-law,let’s assume that Bridget is the step mother or legal guardian; making William Carroll’s first wife a Eustice/Eustace/Uestis. This provides evidence that the first Mrs. Carroll is Bridget Eustace, the aunt of John Eustice, mentioned in the 1850 federal census. This also provides evidence that John Eustace (Uestis) is a brother to Bridget Eustace, the first wife of William Carroll. We also can conclude that Thomas Eustace (Uestis) and perhaps Mary Eustace (Uestis) are Bridget Gannon’s siblings.
Coming to America
We also know that on May 18, 1850, Daniel Eustice (15) together with Bridget Eustice (19) and Thomas Eustice (21), departed from Limerick on the “Polly”. Based on various records and information that I have received, I believe that the Daniel Eustice who left Limerick on May 18, 1850 with Bridget and Thomas Eustice is the same person as John Eustice who went to Schuylerville in 1850 and to Wisconsin in 1854/55 before settling in Janesville, Minnesota in 1869. Two separate pieces of information have been forwarded to me that suggest that John Eustice was also known as Daniel. (However we cannot conclude that Bridget Gannon is the same person as Bridget Eustace born June 1830 at Ballymahon, County Longford, daughter of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy. In fact, the Bridget who arrived in 1850, may be the same Bridget that is buried in Victory Cemetery.)

The guardianship papers state that said John Uestis was the maternal uncle to Mary Carroll (born about 1846) which could mean that he was a brother to Bridget Eustace the first wife of William Carle/Carroll. This would also make John a brother to James Eustis/Eustace who is buried at Mapleton, Wisconsin. Note that the baptismal sponsor of Bridget Eustace at Ballymahon was a man named John Eustace.

A John Eustace (Ustest) is listed in the household of Bridget in census records of 1855, and after her death in 1868, apparently the same John Eustace continues to live with her widower Thomas Quigley (1870 & 1875). Was Mary Uestis, Thomas’ wife or was she a sister? Thus we have an additional group of Eustace/Eustice family members to identify and more research to do.

Bridget Eustice Carroll next appears on the 1860 US federal census as Bridget Gannon, age 27 together with Catherine age 5, Anna age 3 and Bridget age 1. The last names are listed as Gannon, but it is obvious that Catherine’s last name should be listed as Carroll.

While a marriage record has not been located, it appears that Bridget’s husband was Patrick Gannon who was born in Shrule Parish, County Longford in 1826, who died at the age of 33 in Schuylerville on January 24, 1859 and is buried in Victory Cemetery. Based on the oldest child’s birth date, Bridget’s marriage to Patrick Gannon took place about 1846.
In 1865, New York state census, we find Bridget Eustace/Eustis age 30 (married three times) as wife of Thomas Quigley age 30. (Thomas had been married twice—his first wife was Mary Bevin?). In the home are Catherine Carroll age 11, Annet Gannon age 8, Bridget Gannon age 6 and Ann Eustice age 26. Ann is listed as a “sister” but should be listed as a “sister-in-law” since Thomas Gannon was household head. Thomas Quigley appears to have been the son of Barney and Margaret Quigley. Margaret Quigley died October 8, 1877 and is buried in Victory Cemetery.

Bridget Eustis Carroll Gannon Quigley lived a short and apparently difficult life. As a girl in her teens she survived the Great Famine of 1846-49 that claimed the lives of an estimated one million Irish. She sought a new life in America and together with family and friends journeyed across the Atlantic to New York State. Her first marriage to an older man ended abruptly with her husband’s death in 1858. Left with three small children she quickly married again. Death claimed her second husband Patrick Gannon in the prime of his life. Note that Gannon’s headstone in Victory Cemeter, Victory Mills, New York records that he was a native of Shrule Parish, County Longford, the same area where John Eustice (1833-1916) originated.

Bridget Eustis Carroll Gannon married a third time only to die an early death at the age of about 38 years in 1868. An inventory of graves in the Victory Cemetery was completed by Alice Lowder Zetterstrom in January 2002 and can be accessed at

Bridget Quigley nee Eustis/Eustace was buried at Victory Cemetery on or about May 1, 1868. She is buried near the Quigley family plot. There are approximately three unmarked graves located on the right between her grave and those of the Quigley family. The marker is broken but easily read and the pieces fit together nicely.

The name John has always been popular in the Eustice/Eustis/Eustace family. There are records of perhaps ten men named John Eustace and spelling variants of Irish ancestry that lived in Ballymahon, Ireland or Schuylerville, New York during the 1800s. Most of these were alive at roughly the same time. While there may be some duplication, most of these men seem to be different individuals. Sorting through the list of John Eustace’s and identifying each has been a challenge.
1. John Eustice/Eustace was born in Ireland about 1803 and was the husband of Catherine, born in Ireland about 1802. Both were alive in 1870 and living with Thomas Quigley. The same John Eustice, age 70, widowed was living in 1880 with the Gannon family.

John and Catherine Eustace/Eustis may be parents of Bridget (1828), Thomas (1829), and Mary (1842), Ann (1844), Patrick (1845, and John (1850). (There is also a possibility that there are two separate but related families here.)
2. John Uestis/Eustace/Eustice, born in Ireland about 1810 was living at Schuylerville in 1875 with Patrick Eustis (age 30) and Ann Eustis (age 27) brother and sister. Both Patrick and Ann Eustis were single. it appears that this John was single and is possibly the same person as # 3 and # 4
3. John Eustis, birthplace Ireland age 65 (born about 1810), was listed as boarder in home of Patrick Eustis in 1875. Also in the home of Patrick Eustis was Catherine Carroll, likely the daughter of William Carroll and Bridget Eustace and Thomas Quigley, widower of Bridget Eustace. In 1855, John Ustest age 45 is listed as a boarder in the home of William and Bridget Carroll. (Note that Bridget Eustace’s baptismal sponsor at Ballymahon was John Eustace.) John Eustis (Ustest) was a naturalized US citizen.
4. John Uestis/Eustis is listed in guardianship records (063/1858) for Mary Carroll and Catherine Carroll. The guardianship papers state that said John Uestis was the maternal uncle to Mary Carroll (born about 1846) which would mean that he was a brother to Bridget Eustace, the first wife of William Carle/Carroll. This could also make John a brother to James Eustis/Eustace who is buried at Mapleton, Wisconsin. The document also says Thomas Uestis and Mary Uestis were maternal uncle and aunt of Catherine Carroll.This would make Thomas and Mary Uestis brother and sister to Bridget Eustis Carroll.
5. John Eustace who together with Catherine Kennedy was the baptismal sponsor for Bridget, daughter of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church (Shrule Parish), Ballymahon, County Longford on June 1, 1830.
6. John Eustice about born 1841, was buried on April 18, 1879 in St. Mary’s Cemetery, The record at Visitation Church in Victory Mills says he was single and lists his age as 38.
7. John Eustace/Eustice, son of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy baptized at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church (Shrule Parish), Ballymahon, County Longford in January 1833. John Eustice left Ireland about 1850, lived at Schuylerville until about 1854, traveled to Wisconsin where he married Ann Jewison in 1863. From about 1865 until 1869, John lived at Marquette, Michigan until coming to Janesville, Waseca County, Minnesota where he farmed and lived out his life. (While John used his baptismal name throughout life, there are at least three indications that he also was known as “Daniel”). Perhaps his intention was to reduce confusion and create some identity for himself since there were already so many men named John Eustace. Note that John’s second son was named John Daniel Eustice.
8. John Eustis age 25 was living in a household together with Patrick Eustis (30), Ann Eustis (27), Elizabeth Eustis (23) Catherine Eustis, widowed (65) and Thomas Quigley, widower (40) in 1875. Also present were Mary Eustis (7) and John Eustis (65).
9. John Eustace, baptismal sponsor for John, son of Laurence (Luke?) Eustace and Bridget Gibbons, March 15, 1826, at Shrule Parish. Sponsors were John Eustace and Bridget Geraghty.
10. John Eustace, son of Luke Eustace and Bridget Gibbons, baptized at Ballymahon (Shrule Parish) on March 15, 1826. Sponsors were John Eustace and Bridget Geraghty, above.

Other Family Members Appearing in Schuylerville and Victory Mills Records:
1. Thomas Uestis and Mary Uestis maternal uncle and aunt of Catherine Carroll listed in Guardianship papers for Mary Carroll and Catherine Carroll (063/9 1858). Note that a Thomas Eustace was the baptismal sponsor for James, son of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy, July 26, 1835 at Ballymahon (Shrule).
2. Thomas Eustis/Eustice, born Ireland about 1822, (perhaps son of Patrick Eustace) immigrated to USA about 1850. Died at Victory Mills on August 7, 1905. Burial record at Visitation Church, says burial was August 30, 1905. (Perhaps this is the date it was recorded). Church record says born Ireland and resident of Smithville, NY.
3. Elizabeth Eustice/Eustace, born Ireland about 1810, alive in 1880 in Saratoga, listed as mother-in-law of Thomas Quigley and living with him and his children in 1880. Elizabeth seems to be the same person as Catherine Eustace who follows.
4. Catherine Eustis/Eustace, (Living in Saratoga 1875 with Patrick Eustis, her son). Catherine was born in Ireland about 1810, widowed, mother of Patrick Eustis, born Ireland 1845. Also in household was Thomas Quigley, age 40 widowed, Catherine Carroll, age 21, born Saratoga and John Eustis aged 65, birthplace Ireland.(Catherine Eustace, age 72, widow, was buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery (Visitation Church), Schuylerville on March 2, 1885. No parents, spouse or birthplace provided.)
5. Bridget (Fitzpatrick) Eustis, wife of Thomas Eustis/Eustace, born Ireland about 1825/31. Died Saratoga in 1897. Burial record at Visitation Church, Schuylerville dated December 30, 1897, says she was born in County Tipperary and was 65 years old.
6. Patrick Eustis, born Ireland 1845 was naturalized and owned property at Saratoga. He was a brother to Ann Eustis, born 1848 Ireland and John Eustis born 1850 Ireland. He seems to be a different Patrick Eustis than the Patrick Eustis born in 1866 to Thomas Eustis and Bridget Fitzpatrick, who died February 12, 1903 at Schuylerville and is buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery.
7. Patrick Eustace (born 1837?) was buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Schuylerville on January 31, 1887. The record at Visitation Church says he was 50 years old and single. Cause of death, consumption.
8. Patrick Eustis born in 1866 to Thomas Eustis and Bridget Fitzpatrick died 2/12/1903 at Schuylerville and is buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery. Occupation was listed as a hotel clerk.
9. Ann Eustis, born approximately 1828, Ireland. Came to USA about 1849. On 1855 New York census Ann Eustis, age 27 was listed as a servant and living in Stillwater, Saratoga County, NY in the home of Delwin Gardner, a farmer aged 69. Also in the home was Maria Gardner (46) daughter and Egbert Y. Gardner (42) son, as well as James Cox, laborer (30) a native of Ireland.
10. Ann Eustice, born approximately 1844 in Ireland is listed as a resident in the home of Thomas Quigley on the 1865 census of Village of Schuylerville, Saratoga County. She was single, listed her age as 26 and identified herself as a “sister” to Quigley. Was Ann a sister to Bridget Eustice Quigley, wife of Thomas or was she a widow of a Eustice? Learning more about Ann Eustice could prove key to sorting out the families are connected. Ann Eustice age 36 (born 1844?) was buried on January 24, 1880 in St. Mary’s Cemetery. The record at Visitation Church, Schuylerville says she was single.
11. Ann Huestis, born approximately 1845, appears on the 1870 census in the home of Thomas Quigley. Ann’s birthplace was Ireland and she listed her age as 25. (It is likely that this Ann is the same person as # 10 above). Also in the home were Patrick Huestis (28) born Ireland, Elizabeth (22) born Ireland, working in cotton mill, John (26) born Ireland, John (67) grocer retail, born Ireland and Catherine (68) born Ireland. I believe that Elizabeth, both of the Johns and Catherine are Huestis/Eustice members of the same immediate family.
12. Ann Eustace wife of Andrew Scanlon listed in Henry Richie’s index.
13. Elizabeth Eustis, 23 (born in Ireland about 1852) was living in 1875 together with Patrick Eustis ,30, common laborer, Ann Eustis, 27, keeping house, John Eustis, 25, common laborer, Catherine Eustis, 65, widowed mother to Patrick, Ann, John. Also in household was Thomas Quigley, age 40 widowed, Catherine Carroll, age 21, born Saratoga and John Eustis aged 65, birthplace Ireland. Elizabeth Eustis was an alien and working in the cotton factory.
14. Catherine Carroll was born about December 15, 1854 in the Town of Saratoga to William and Bridget (Eustice) Carroll.
· 1855: Catherine Carroll first appears in the 1855 census (age 6/12) living with her father and mother.
· In the 1860 census there is a Catherine “Gannon” living with Bridget Gannon (27), Anna M. (3) and Bridget (1).
· In 1865, Catherine Carroll age 11 is living with Thomas Quigley (twice married) and his wife Bridget (3 times married).
· In 1870, Catharine Carroll is living in Saratoga, Quaker Springs with Thomas Huestes (40) born Ireland and his wife Bridget (33) born Ireland. Also in the home are Patrick (17) and Thomas (1). Catharine works in the cotton mill. This suggests a connection between Thomas Huestes/Eustis and Catherine’s mother Bridget Eustace/Eustis/Eustice.
· In 1875, Catherine Carroll (21) was living with Patrick Eustis (30) single, Ann Eustis (27), John Eustis (25), Elizabeth Eustis (23), Catherine Eustis (65) widowed, and Thomas Quigley (40) widowed. Also present were Mary Eustis (7) and John Eustis (65).