From the Past
Michael Eustace (1830-1915)

85 Years old and in Pierce County sixty-five years; Survived by Wife Who Was First White Person Born in Pierce County, Washington
Michael Eustace, age 85, the last of a widely known pioneer family of that name, who had been a resident of Pierce County 65 years, died yesterday (November 29, 1915) at his home in Puyallup.

A year and a half ago Mr. and Mrs. Eustace moved to Puyallup from their pre-emption claim near Spanaway, where they had lived continuously since their settlement in this county in 1850. Mrs. Eustace was the first white person born in Pierce County.

Mr. Eustace was but 20 years old when he came to the West, having spent eight years in New York. A number of years after his arrival in the Northwest, Mr. Eustace married Annie, the daughter of John Rigney.

Mr. Eustace came to this section many years before Tacoma existed and what is now Pierce County consisted of a few scattered families of pioneers and the settlement of Fort Stellacoom. Although Mr. Eustace did not take up arms against Indians in the wars that followed, there stood a barn on the old homestead that was used as a fort to protect the neighboring families. The old barn was burned a few years ago and a more modern structure now stands in its place.

Mr. Eustace was born in Westmeath County, Ireland. He was the son of Michael and Mary (Martin) Eustace. At the age of 12, he removed to New York where he remained eight years.

He is survived by his wife and many distant relatives in Pierce County, including many other pionmeer families. Mr. Eustace is survived by three children, James of Puyallup; George of Stockton, California; and Mrs. Mary Foy of Lacy.

Tacoma (Washington) Daily Ledger, November 30, 1915