George Eustice of Gwinear, Cornwall and Gilroy, California

George Eustis/Eustice was born April 15, 1816 in Gwinear, Cornwall, England to John M. Eustis and Catherine Pascoe. He married Phillippa Richards, September 21, 1837, in St. Ives, Cornwall. Phillippa Richards was born March 16, 1816 in Phillack, Cornwall, England to Richard M. Shugg Richards and Phillippa Rodda.  

In August of 1845, George and Phillippa Eustice emigrated to the United States and settled at Potosi (also known as British Hollow), Grant County, Wisconsin Territory.

George and Catherine Eustice had nine children:
George Eustice II & Phillippa Eustice brought their family (6 boys and 3 girls), to the United States when George III was 1 year old traveling aboard the “Resolution”, a brig owned by John Batten of Penzance, Cornwall. The brig was commanded by Captain Davis and bound for Quebec, Canada. The family settled in Potosi in Grant County, Wisconsin Territory about August, 1845.

George Eustice was born March 2, 1843 in Gwinear, Cornwall and came to the US with his parents when he was about one year old.

George Eustice III grew up in Grant County, Wisconsin. When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted (on August 19, 1861) with the Wisconsin Volunteers, Co. F - 7th Regiment, 1st Infantry, Army of the Potomac (also known as the Iron Brigade) led by General Ellsworth.

George was promoted to the rank of Corporal on December 10, 1862 and Sergeant on March 28, 1863. He fought at Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain, and Antietam. Members of the Eustice family have many of the letters that he sent to his mother, telling of his experiences in the War Between the States.

After the War ended, George Eustice went to Placerville, Placer County, California where he did some gold mining. At Placerville, he met Salena Richards. Family tradition says George had some gold that he had mined when he proposed to Selena. He took a pouch full of nuggets from his pocket and placed them in her lap. Later, Salena had a belt buckle made from them.
George Eustice II and Selena Richards were married on December 21, 1869 in Placerville, California. Shortly after their marriage, they moved to Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California where he built his own blacksmith shop near the corner of Sixth and Eigleberry Streets that he operated for 30 years.

One of George’s customers was the famous cattle baron, Henry Miller, for whom he shoed the horses. He entered samples of his iron work in the mechanics fair in San Francisco, exhibiting 19 horseshoes in a display frame for which he won a ribbon for his workmanship.

George took a lively interest in the affairs of the city, state and nation. He loved to talk politics. He campaigned for Coolidge because “Coolidge was Economical”. George was active in the Civil War Veterans, a staunch member of G. A. R. and attended many reunions including the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

At one of the Gettysburg reunions, George purchased a commemorative chair made from the wood of a tree containing bullets fired in the Civil War. (The chair and the set of horseshoes are on display at the Gilroy Museum).
George Eustice was active all his life and died of a heart seizure on March 31, 1919 while working in his prune orchard.

His widow Salena later deeded the home on Fifth Street in Gilroy to Allene Eustice as both Leland and Ellsworth had been given land when they returned from World War I.

George and Salena Eustice had three children:    
1. Willis Wonderland Eustice was born September 27, 1870 in Gilroy, Santa Clara California. 
2. George III Eustice was born November 10, 1872 in Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California. He married Minnie Belle McCoy (1879-1970) on December 1, 1896. George III Eustice died May 17, 1929 and was buried in Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California.
3. Harry Garfield Eustice was born July 9, 1880 in Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California. He passed away in 1892 at the age of twelve years.