Surprise Wedding in Enfield, Australia: Jim Eustice

Jim Eustice of Enfield, South Australia and Pam Wear sprang a surprise wedding on guests at a barbecue held in the park opposite their home on April 2, 2005. Jim and Pam did not want folk dressing up, buying presents or going to any trouble on their behalf.

Jim writes, “We think we caught most people by surprise, although some said they thought we might have been going to get engaged. It was a terrific day and we followed it up with a honeymoon at Nelson.”

Jim and Pam went on a marvelous three day trip up the Glenelg River which is sensational for canoeing. They had a good look at the coastline from Portland right around and up to Robe where they stayed another three days. Jim writes, “Altogether an absolutely fantastic time,” writes Jim Eustice. Congratulations!