From the Editor's Desk; By Ronald F. Eustice

April 2004: Minneapolis, Minnesota
As I write these comments in late April, spring has come to Minnesota. The cool rains, warm sunshine, green grass, blossoms and the baby birds are a most welcome sight after winterís long slumber.

In this issue, readers will become better acquainted with the branches of our families that originate in the extreme southwest of England in the County of Cornwall. It has become evident that a sizeable number of our namesakes trace their roots to the mining villages around the village of Crowan.

It has been most enjoyable to communicate with Charles Eustis of New York and Dr. Robert Eustice of Mississippi by letter and phone as I wrote their stories. While they do not seem to share a common ancestor (at least as far back as ten generations), they do share a strong belief in education, devotion to family and the practice of their faith. Both Charles and Robert are highly decorated veterans of World War II and continue to be active in military organizations. We certainly can be proud to call them namesakes. We can only hope that their lifetime experiences can serve as an example to us all.

A special thank you to Dawna Eustice Lund of Redlands, California who has done considerable research on the Cornwall families. Her extensive research has been used as a base of information for the articles on the Eustis family of Pennsylvania as well as the Eustices of Galena, Jo Davies County, Illinois.

I was able to write the articles about Charles Eustis and Robert Eustice because of the information that they provided to me in a family history questionnaire. A copy of this questionnaire is included with this issue of the Eustace Families Post. It is hoped that you will take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire (if you have not previously done so), and return it to me. I will be very pleased to write an article in a future issue about the families of those who return the information. Family history takes on an added dimension when we can link the past with real people from the present. I am especially eager for information on our namesakes in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The article on Dick Eustace of Exminster, United Kingdom resulted from an article published in his local newspaper that he shared with us.

Congratulations to Sheila Jewison and Jennifer Harguth of Waseca County in Minnesota. These young women were recently crowned Miss St. Patrick and Miss Irish Rose at the 36th annual St Patrickís Day celebration of the Irish American Club of Southern Minnesota. Both of these girls are from families with Eustice roots that originate in Ballymahon, County Longford, Ireland. Over the years, a significant number of Eustices and Eustice descendants have reigned over the Irish American communities of Southern Minnesota. Perhaps it is time to compile a list of these women and publish an article about them in a future edition of the Eustace Families Post.

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