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The Hogans are a Dalcassian family whose ancestor was Ogan who was descended from an uncle of Brian Boru, the most celebrated of all Kings of ancient Ireland. The Dalcassians were a dynastic group of related septs located in north Munster who rose to political prominence in the 10th century AD in Ireland. The Dalcassian territory extended well beyond the boundaries of County Clare, which was the heart of Thomond, the territory of the Dalcassian septs.

The Hogans occupied the extreme north-eastern part of Thomond and their chief lived at Ardcrony, near Nenagh, County Tipperary. The name is numerous in Ireland, being among the hundred most common surnames. It is estimated that the present Hogan population in Ireland is about eight thousand with the great majority living in their original native habitat in the counties of Tipperary, Clare and Limerick. There are also a number in County Cork, whose origin is stated by O’Donovan to be different from the Dalcassian Hogans. One of the minor Corca Laidhe septs was O’Hogan. In the Irish language the name is O’hOgain but the prefix “O” is only occasionally met with in the modern form in English. In the seventeenth century the name was often written Ogan. There is a place named Ballyhogan in the parish of Dysart, County Clare.

The most famous Hogan is probably John Hogan (1800-1858), an Irish sculptor of international repute; but to the Irish, the romantic figure of “Galloping Hogan” who was the hero of Sarsfield’s exploit at Ballyneety in 1690 makes the most appeal. Maurice Hogan, S.J. (1831-1917) did much work as an editor of manuscripts and produced his best known book Onomnasticon Gaedelicum at the age of seventy two. The first Minister of Agriculture in the Irish Free State was Patrick Hogan (1891-1936) who was one of three brothers who distinguished themselves in various activities during the 20th Century.

Source: MacLaysaght, Edward; More Irish Families; page 182.

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