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Jules Remillard (1849-1910) Jules Remillard & Elmire Richer

Jules7 Remillard; Guillaume1, Francois2, Francois3, Joseph-Marie4, Louis-Marie5, Alexander6 ; (Alexandre Remillard and Josette Goyette) was born 25 March 1849 at Napierville; he died 5 June 1910 at Wheatland Township, Rice County, Minnesota. He married Elmire Richer also Richie (Narcisse and Marguerite Barabe) on 5 June 1877 at Wheatland. Jules Remillard arrived in Wells Township, Rice County about 1869. In March 1873, he purchased forty acres in Section 4, Erin Township from Prudent St. Amant; his future brother-in-law for $200. In March 1881, Jules purchased an additional 36.3 acres also in Section 4, Rice County from his brother Cyprien Alexander Remillard for the sum of $600. He continued to farm until 1910 when he was stricken and died. Elmire Richer (Narcisse and Marguerite Barabe) was born in the Parish of St. Jean Deschaillons, Quebec on15 May 1856; she died at Faribault on 4 January 1945 and is buried in St. Lawrence Cemetery, Faribault; the children of Jules Remillard and Elmire Richie were:

1.      Aleida; born 11 March 1878 at Wheatland; she married Joseph Jeno (1872-1949), a native of Belgium on 14 May, 1895 at St. Patrick’s Church, Shieldsville; she died 31 October 1977 at Faribault. Minnesota and is buried St. Lawrence Cemetery.

2.      Arthur Remillard; born 30 September 1879 at Wheatland; married 24 November 1903 to Lena Duffney at Wheatland; died 9 March 1964 at Faribault, Minnesota; buried St. Lawrence Cemetery.

3.      Joseph-Henry Remillard; born 8 April 1882 at Wheatland, married 11 May 1915 at Hugo, Minnesota to Mary Lamotte; died 22 January 1978 at Faribault; buried St. Lawrence Cemetery.

4.      Marie-Louise Remillard; born 15 September 1888 at Wheatland ; she died 27 May 1970 at Wadena; buried St. Lawrence Cemetery, Faribault; she married Fred Waskosky (Julius and Christina Schulz) on

5.      Emma Remillard; born 3 March 1886 at Wheatland; married Omer Arthur Perron; she died 17 July 1975 at Faribault, Minnesota; buried St. Lawrence Cemetery.

6.      Napoleon-Louis; born 11 June 1893 at Wheatland; married Verena Thom in 1924 at Sacred Heart Church, Faribault; he died 20 July 1979 at Faribault; buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery.

7.      Alexander; born 1896 at Wheatland; died 1911 at Wheatland; buried St. Louis French Catholic Cemetery, Wheatland.

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