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Napoleon Remillard (c1863-1939) Napoleon Remillard's Mining Camp, French Creek (Revelstoke) BC.

Napoleon Remillard Cabin

Napoleon Remillard

Napoleon7Remillard; Guillaume1, Francois2, Francois3, Joseph-Marie4, Louis-Marie5, Alexander6, (Alexandre Remillard and Josette Goyette); he was born c1863 and was living at Slocan City, British Columbia in 1903; he married ______; Napoleon died 4 Apr 1939 and was buried in Vancouver, British Columbia.


The townsite of Slocan City was staked at the lower end of Slocan Lake in 1892 following massive silver strikes nearby. The site was conveniently close to three principal ore producing areas. By 1900, there were 12 hotels in Slocan; by 1920 there were only three. Slocan became a city in June 1901 and reverted to village status in June 1958. During the 1890s, Slocan City was a bustling, boisterous, boomtown filled with hotels, saloons, pack teams, rail cars filled with ore, and miners in pursuit of the ever elusive "mother-lode".

Napoleon Remillard Signature inside cabin

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