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 Cyprien Alexander (C.A.) Remillard & Antoinette Plaisance

Cyprien Alexander (C.A. Remillard (1847-1927) Antoinette Plaisance (18XX-1932)

Cyprien-Alexandre7Remillard; Guillaume1, Francois2, Francois3, Joseph-Marie4, Louis-Marie5, Alexander6, (Alexandre Remillard and Josette Goyette) was born 21 March 1847 at Napierville, Quebec; died 16 May 1927 at Staples, Minnesota. He married (1) Margaret Berry on 1 January 1875 at Wheatland Township, Minnesota; married (2) Antoinette Plaisance (Thomas and Elmire Goudreau of Deschaillons, Quebec) on 18 May 1885 at Shieldsville, Rice County, Minnesota. Cyprien-Alexander (C.A.) Remillard grew up in St. Cyprien Parish, Napierville. He received a good education for the time and at the age of seventeen in 1864, came to New York State where he worked on the Erie Canal one summer and in the winter worked on a farm. The following spring he went to Vermont and after working two years in a saw-mill at Norton Mills, Vermont until about 1873, came to St. Paul, Minnesota, thence to Northfield, where he worked on a farm, and in the fall returned to St. Paul, where he clerked in a store one year, then moved to Minneapolis and subsequently to Lake Superior and worked on the railroad three months. The next winter he spent in Wheatland Township and the following two years worked in a saw mill in Minneapolis in the summer and in the pineries in the winter. He returned to Wheatland and became the head sawyer at a saw and grist-mill owned by his brother-in-law Prudent St. Amant. In 1875, he opened a saloon on section thirty-three, conducted it three months and moved to Erin Township; spent four years there, and in 1881, became engaged in mercantile business in section thirty-three, which he ran which he operated from 1881 until 1886. The saw mill was destroyed by fire in about 1883. He was appointed Wheatland postmaster in 1881 and also served as Justice of the Peace. In the spring of 1886, he and Antoinette Plaisance, whom he had married the previous year, joined other family members in Staples, Todd County, Minnesota. At Staples, he helped lay out the plan for the town which was to be called “Presto” and was a founding member of Sacred Heart Catholic parish. In April of 1890 Father Ignatius Tomazin who was then the pastor of Wadena, held a meeting at Staples where it was decided that a parish should be formed and called St Ignatius Parish. During the 1870's and later, Father Tomazin, traveled to Staples Mills every three or four months to celebrate mass for area Catholics.  The name of the parish was later changed to Sacred Heart. Antoinette Plaisance was born at Lotbiniere, Quebec on 5 February 1852; she died at Staples, Minnesota on 17 February 1932;

Children of Cyprien-Alexander Remillard and Marguerite Berry:

1.      Emma Remillard; born 1885; died 15 November 1890 at Staples; buried Evergreen Cemetery;

2.      Clare Remillard(twin); born 10 March 1878 at Wheatland; died 18 September 1904 at Staples’

3.      Henry Remillard (twin); born 1880; married Amanda Belland; died 1949; buried Shelly;

Children of Cyprien-Alexander Remillard and Antoinette Plaisance:

1.      Hector Remillard; died at birth;

2.      Wilbrod Remillard ; born 25 December 1887 at SES; died 8 December 1911; buried Staples;

3.      Joseph-Eugene Remillard ; born 15 March 1891 at Staples; died 27 July 1974 Staples;

4.      Eugenia Remillard; born 5 February 1892 SES; died 1969; buried Kalispell, Montana; married in 1915 to Frank Robischon.

5.      Marie-Louise Remillard; born 5 July 1894 Staples; died 16 February 1956; buried Staples, Minnesota;

6.      Praexede Remillard; born 29 November 1896 at Staples; died 14 October 1985 at Staples; married to L.J. Kupius;

7.      Napoleon-Louis Remillard; born 20 April 1898 at Staples; married 12 November 1923 at STFO; died 1984;

8.      Rachel-Bede Remillard ; born 24 December 1900 at Staples; married (1) ??; married (2) Carlton Hilliard; married (3) J.A. Loeffler.


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