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Edward7 Remillard; Guillaume1, Francois2, Francois3, Joseph-Marie4, Louis-Marie5, Alexander6 ; (Alexandre Remillard and Josette Goyette) was baptized 7 June 1857 at Napierville, Quebec ; he came to Minnesota in 1869; living in Wells Township, Rice County (1870); living in Erin Township, Rice county (1880); he married Asylda Benjamin (Etienne Benjamin & Justine Bazinet) on 28 June 1883 at Wheatland, in Rice County, Minnesota. They were living at Thomastown, Wadena County, Minnesota (1900); living at Township 136, Billings County, North Dakota (1910); living at Peaceful Valley, Slope County, North Dakota (1920); living at Diamond Lake, Lincoln County, Minnesota (1930) with daughter Genevieve and her husband Orville Reid and children identified as nephews and nieces; Edward Remillard died 16 Nov 1931 in Lincoln County, Minnesota:

Children of Edward Remillard & Asylda Benjamin:
Adelard ; born 1887 ; married Julianna ____ ; lived at Billings, North Dakota ; at least eight children;
2), Steven; born 1893;
3). Genevieve; born 1896; married Orville Reid;
4). Leo; born 1898; married (1) ________; married (2) Cecelia Schdowski; died at Fargo, North Dakota on 11 November 1970;
5). Delia; born 1900;

6). Gertrude; born 1903;
Victoria; born 1907;

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