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Abraham Eustis


Abraham Eustis was born March 26, 1786, atPetersburg, Va. He married July 6, 1809, Rebecca, daughter of Dr.John and Rebecca (Chambers) Sprague, of Dedham, Mass., who diedJune 8, 1820, at Jamaica Plain.

Abraham received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College(1804) and a Master of Arts, Bowdoin (1806). He studied law andcommenced practice, but soon relinquished it to enter the army.He served during, the War of 1812, in the Black Hawk War in 1832,and in the war with the Seminoles in Florida. For many years hewas in command of the school for Artillery Practice at FortressMonroe, Old Point, Comfort, Virginia. At the time of his death hewas colonel Ist Artillery and Brevet Brigadier General, headquarters at Portland. His second wife was Patience W. B. Izard,of South Carolina, who died without issue in 1860. Abraham Eustisdied June 27, 1843 at Portland, Maine. Eustis, Florida, EustisLake in Florida and Fort Eustis,Virginia are named in his honor.

Children of Abraham Eustis and Rebecca Sprague:
William, born Nov. 17, 18 10.
Horatio Sprague,7 born Dec. 25,1811.
Henry Langdon, born April 29, 1813; d. June 30, 1817.
Alexander Brooks, born Jan. 30, 1815.
Frederic Augustus,7 born June 12, 1816.
John Fenwick, born Nov. 3, 1817, Fort Independence, Boston.
Henry Lawrence, born Feb. 1, 1819.