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George Eustis


George Eustis, born Sept. 29, 1828, was theson of George and Clarisse (Allain) Eustis of New Orleans.George, the father served as personal secretary to his uncle,Gov. William Eustis, Minister to the Hague and he later served asChief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court and held other keypositions.

During the Civil War George Eustis was captured on the"Trent," and held as a prisoner at Fort Warren inBoston Harbor, but was released when it was determined that, theseizure was illegal.

Having learned French from his mother, he spent considerable timein France and died there on March 15, 1872. His long life abroadand initimate acquaintance with the French language caused hisarrest by the Germans as a French spy during the Franco-GermanWar (1870-71) --an incident, it is believed, of more amusementthan serious inconvenience to him.

He married Louise Corcoran of Washington, D.C., and they hadthree children: William Corcoran (1862); George Peabody (1864-?);and Harriet Louise (1867-?).

William Corcoran Eustis married Edith Livingston Morton in 1900and together they became the owners of Oatlands Estate atLeesburg, Virginia. (See Vol. II, No. 2.)