Joseph Mason Eustis
Sheriff of Hennepin County, Minnesota

The Eustaces of Ireland have long tradition of being sheriffs andcastle constables. On the other hand the Eustis’ of NewEngland were more apt to be ambassadors, governors and generals .One exception was Joseph Mason Eustis, sheriff of HennepinCounty, Minnesota.

Joseph Mason Eustis was born December 15, 1827at Rumford, Oxford County, Maine. His parents were John Mason andAnna (Trask) Eustis. In 1857 he moved from New England toMinneapolis, Minnesota and with his own hands cleared away hazelbrush and shovelled the first dirt for the Nicollet House,Minneapolis' first hotel. He was advised by several leadingcitizens to abandon his interest in the Nicollet House but hecarried on through to completion and the opening in May 1858coincided with Minnesota statehood.

During the Civil War he made a contract with the US Government tofeed all Minnesota soldiers for 37 cents per day. He was alsoengaged in the lumber business with W.E. Jones and Company forabout five years and built a block on Hennepin Avenue. He was one
of the original group to select the site for the Minnesota statefairgrounds and laid out the racetrack and erected severalbuildings on the grounds. He also was a contractor for theNorthern Pacific Railroad and until 1880 was employed by the St.Louis Railroad. In the
autumn of 1880 he was elected sheriff of Hennepin County.

On Sept. 21,1861 he married Christine Glynn of No. Haverhill, Newhampshire. They were the parents at least two children; AnnieLouise Eustis (1868) and Frank Mace Eustis.

Information has been obtained from HISTORY OF HENNEPIN COUNTY,Minnesota, 1881 p. 544 and THE EUSTIS FAMILIES IN THE UNITEDSTATES, Vol. 1, Items 64 and 98 ( 1968)