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Joseph Gilbert Eustis


Joseph Gilbert Eustis was the son of JosephGilbert and Sarah (Donelson) Eustis. His September 15, 1840,marriage to Sarah Eustace at Bellefonte, Alabama, linked theVirginia Eustaces with the Bledlow/Boston branch. Later themarriage of their son John Dunham Eustis to Josephine Barber,whose mother was Margaret Eustace, provided a third linkage.Joseph Gilbert Eustis was born Sept. 7, 1815, in Boston. Divorcedfrom Sarah Eustace in 1852, he remarried Sophia Brewer atWilbraham, Mass., on July 22, 1855. In 1877, Joseph GilbertEustis lived in Leeds, Mass.

John Dunham Eustis, born Oct. 13, 1847, was a Civil War veteranand attended the North/South encampment on the 75th anniversaryof the Battle of Gettysburg. He later operated the general store.

Six children were born to John Dunham and Josephine(Barber)Eustis--Sarah Elizabeth Eustis, Mary Lou Eustis, EliasBarber Eustis, Maria Frances Eustis, Joseph Snead Eustis andRobert Donald Eustis.

Robert Donald Eustis, born 1875 and died Oct. 16, 1918, marriedErie Burch. They were the parents of Ralph Donald Eustis, born in1910 and died on Dec. 15, 1954, and Oma, who married T.F. Jones.Ralph Donald Eustis married Velma Fay Boykin. This marriageproduced Stevan Donald Eustis in 1950 and Oma Maureen Eustis in1952. Velma Boykin's children by a previous marriage, Carroll andBetty, were legally adopted by Ralph Donald Eustis.