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Joseph Neale Eustace



Joseph Neale Eustace (1810-1888), son ofFauquier County, Virginia, natives Thomas and Elizabeth (George)Eustace, is believed to have been the first namesake to set footin Texas when he came to Cldwell County in 1849. moved fromVirginia to Alabama in 1825.

Born in Virginia, Joseph Neale Eustace moved to Jackson County,Alabama with his parents in 1825. He married Frances Hancock(1818-1900) and raised five children. One of the sons, GeorgeCumberland Eustace, was a member of the Texas 36th Cavalry,Company K, during the Civil War and later became a Chisholm Trailcattle driver and was elected Sheriff of Caldwell County. GeorgeCumberland Eustace married Laura Polk on September 15, 1870, whowas the mother of his ten children. Among these was Charles B.Eustace, father of Major Hal Eustace, whose research has beenessential in order to connect the Texas family with theirVirginia cousins.

Joseph Neale Eustace had one brother, John Shute Eustace, and twosisters, Margaret and Sarah. John Shute Eustace married Margaret(last name unknown) and remained in Alabama. Margaret Eustacemarried Elias Barber about 1834 and Sarah Eustace married JosephGilbert Eustis in Alabama on January 15, 1840. Joseph GilbertEustis was a sixth generation descendant of William Eustis ofBledlow, England, who settled at Rumney Marsh, Massachusetts,before 1674. The marriage of Sarah Eustace and Joseph GilbertEustis ended in divorce and their children, John Dunham andMargaret Elizabeth Eustis, were raised by their uncle, John ShuteEustace, in Alabama. Another son, Thomas Eustis, died young.
John Dunham Eustis was married in 1869 to his first cousin,Josephine Barber (daughter of Elias Barber and Margaret Eustace)at Bellefonte, Jackson Co., Alabama, and came to Caldwell County,Texas, together with members of his wife's family. John D."Jack" and Josephine settled near his uncle, JosephNeale Eustace.