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Noah Robert Eustice


Noah Robert Eustice, son of William Henry and Sarah Jane ( Largent ) Eustice was born June 30, 1901 at Concordia, Kansas, He was from a large family and had seven full brothers and sisters as well as six brothers and sisters by his father's first marriage.

His father, William Henry Eustice, died in 1917. Noah’s mother died later that year on November 19th when he was 16 years old. On his own, he worked for the Emporia ( Kansas ) Daily Blade newspaper for two years before going to Silver City, New Mexico to visit his sister Stella and her husband Clifford Blood. He attended normal school about 6 months before becoming overpowered by the urge to move on. He decided to try Texas oil and headed for El Paso in January 1920. Upon arrival in El Paso he learned that it was impossible to go to Cisco, Texas where the oil fields were located at that time. He passed by Navy, Marine and Army recruiting offices and became curious. He decided to go in and find out what the US Navy had to offer. After about one hour with a recruiter, he decided to enlist. Within a few hours Noah Robert Eustice was headed east to Great Lakes Naval Training I Academy in Illinois. He became a medical corpsman and served aboard the cruisers, St. Louis and Chattanooga. Later he served in the Fort Lyons, Colorado Naval Hospital before being discharged in 1922. He spent 2 years in New Mexico working for a fuel distributor before hopping. a freight train f or California. He found work as a nurse in Pacific Hospital, Los Angeles.

There he met Florence Edna Carlquist whom he married, December 29,1928. They became the parents of two sons, Robert Lysle Eustice and William Earl Eustice.

After his marriage he went to work at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles as a cook. Later he managed the coffee shop at the Ambassador Hotel where he frequently saw movie stars such as Shirley Temple, Rudy Vallee and Mickey Rooney. He was especially proud of Shirley Temple's autograph which was signed and dated January 30, 1938 at 1:09 A.M. In 1946 he moved his family to Rialto, California, where he found a job at the Riverside Iron Foundry where he worked until 1963, when he retired.

Noah Robert and Florence Eustice enjoyed retirement until October1975 when Florence died from a sudden heart attack. Noah Robert was lost without his companion of 47 years and soon had to be confined to Crestview Convalescent Home where he spent the last nine years of his life. He passed away quietly in Loma Linda, California on October 27, 1986.

He was survived by his two sons, his sister Stella and five grandchildren. Dawna Eustice Lund, a grand daughter of Redlands, California, who is an avid family historian, has graciously shared this information with us.