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George Eustice (1816-1898) & Philippa Richards

George Eustice (1816-1898) was born 15 April 1816 in Gwinear, Cornwall son of John Eustis and Catherine Pascoe, who were married there 22 Jul 1815 . As a child, he moved with his parents to St. Ives parish and there he married Philippa Richards, daughter of Richard Richards and Philippa Rodda on 21 Sep 1837 .  After they had four children in Hasletown, St. Ives, they sailed in August 1845 aboard the Ship Resolution to Quebec , Canada .  They made their way to Wisconsin and settled in Potosi Township , Grant County had five more children there.  George was a blacksmith and, after Philippa died in 1884, he followed some of his children to Gilroy (the Garlic Capital) in Santa Clara County , California , where he continued that occupation until he died in 1898.

[Notes: Some have concluded that John Eustis, father of George, was christened at Gwinear on 26 Oct 1794 , son of John and Charity Eustis.  This is not possible for two reasons. First, in the 1841 St. Ives census, John and Catherine are found as age 60-64 and thus born 1776-1781.  Also, the burial records of Gwinear show that said 1794 John was buried in 1796, so obviously he couldn’t have been anyone’s father. John and Charity moved to Redruth parish and had another John there in 1799, but he is not old enough to be the ancestor. 

It has also been asserted that Catherine Pascoe was born 1785, daughter of Henry and Catherine King Pascoe.  This is highly unlikely as the death certificate for Catherine Eustis, widow of John, states that she died of dropsy (congestive heart failure) at Hasletown, St. Ives on 29 Dec 1842 , age 64.  Based on her age at death (and confirmed by her age in 1841 census), she was born about 1778 – some 7 years before the daughter of Henry was born.  As John and Catherine were in their mid to late 30s when they married, it is likely that it was not a first marriage and perhaps Pascoe was not her maiden/birth name, but her prior married name.]


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