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Please complete this application and mail it along with the appropriate fee to:

USA / Canada / Ireland Great Britain / Europe Australia / New Zealand
Ronald Eustice
7040 N. Via Assisi
Tucson, AZ 85704 USA
David Eustace
The Keep, Kidnapper's Lane, Leckhampton
Cheltenham, Glos. GL53 ONL
Jim Eustice
28 Wilkinson Court
Enfield, SA 5085


Street Address_____________________________________________________

City______________________________ State/Province/___________________

Zip Code_________________________ Country__________________________

Phone (          )_________________ Fax/E-Mail___________________________

Annual Membership

  • United States / Canada: US$25.00

  • Ireland: 25

  • Great Britain / Europe: Contact us for information.

  • Australia, New Zealand: Contact us for information:

Make checks payable to: Ronald F. Eustice, Eustace Families Association.

 (Includes 2 issues of the Eustace Families Post plus maintenance of the
Eustace Families Association web site on the internet.)


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