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John N. Eustice (1826-1899) & Mary Raugh

John N. Eustice (1826-1899) was born 17 Mar 1826 , christened 16 Apr 1826 in Crowan, son of the aforementioned John and Christian, arrived in the United States about 1846.  He joined a party which was exploring for copper on Lake Superior and then was variously engaged in mining in Michigan , New Jersey , and Connecticut (where he was in the 1850 census). By 1860 he had settled in Luzerne County , Pennsylvania where he became a citizen in 1866. He continued his work in mining as foreman until 1889, when he was compelled to retire on account of failing eyesight. He was married about 1848 to Mary Raugh, by whom he is said to have had 20 children, though only 9 have been identified with certainty.   John died in Plains Township , Luzerne County , Pennsylvania on 11 Jun 1899 at the age of 73.

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