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John Eustice (1845-1889) & Ann Hill (1855-1892)
John Eustice (1845-1889) was born 19 Oct 1845 in Newton , Camborne Parish, Cornwall , son of John Eustis and Grace Temby. He came to America before 1870.  He married 27 Nov 1870 in Carbondale , Pennsylvania to Elizabeth Ann Hill who was born 9 Apr 1855 in Lanlivery parish, Cornwall , daughter of John B and Elizabeth (Pike) Hill by whom he had 9 children. The family lived a few years in Essex County , New Jersey , where he likely worked in the sandstone quarries, and then briefly in Luzerne County , Pennsylvania .  By 1877, he was mining gold in Black Hawk in Gilpin County , Colorado and he died there 26 Aug 1889 at age 43.  His wife remarried John Humphreys in 1890 and died two years later on 7 Aug 1892Many of the Black Hawk’s historic buildings have recently been restored as a monument to its Gold Rush era heyday.

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