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William Eustice (1845-1893+) & Mary Jane Williams

William Eustice (1845-1893+) was born 20 Apr 1845 in Polladias, Breage parish, Cornwall , son of John and Rosina (Allen) Eustis.  He married Mary Jane Williams and had one child in England before leaving for America about 1871.  He settled in Morris County, New Jersey where he worked as a mining engineer and had at least 10 more children. He probably died between 1893 and 1900.  His mother died in 1857 and his father remarried that same year to Mrs. Mary Ann (Jeffery) Prideaux.  The father and step mother and family came to New Jersey for a short time around 1870, but soon returned to England .  They lived in Lancashire , where Mary Ann died in 1884 and John in 1899.

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