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Eustace/Eustice/Eustis & Variants DNA Project
Eustace Project goals & objectives

In July 2006, the Eustace Families Association (EFA) began a cooperative project with Gaskin Forensics, Inc; of Rockwood, Pennsylvania to determine Y-chromosome DNA profiles of namesakes of various surname spellings from each of the known country origins. As of January 2011, a total of more than 160 male members of the families have been tested. The participants live in ten countries; Argentina, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA.
       The Y chromosome is passed relatively unchanged from father to son and can be used to track migration patterns and verify paternal family connections. Y chromosome DNA testing is increasingly being used as a very effective tool for family history research.
       Participants in the Eustace Family DNA project include descendents of Cornish, English and Irish families with the most common variant spellings of Eustace, Eustice and Eustis.

The goals for the Eustace Surname DNA Project are:
1. To validate existing records by testing descendents from each of the lines of all origins.
2. To connect participants to their appropriate lines.
3. To validate our existing research records.
4. Determine migration pattens.

In order to achieve these goals, the more participants we have in the program, the more extensive and conclusive the results.

The Y-DNA chromosome is passed only through the male members of a family, from father to son, down through the generations and limits our source of participants. Therefore, the participant must be a male with the surname Eustace, Eustice, Eustis, or any of its variant spellings (Eustance, Eustache or Huestis). However if you are a female, there is an option. You can find a brother, father, uncle, cousin or other male from the paternal line to be your proxy, - to be "tested in your place".

For more information go to Gaskin Forensics website at
The procedure for collecting the DNA sample is quite simple and painless. Use a simple cotton swab rubbed over the inside of the cheek. Carefully place it in an envelope for shipping. Gaskin Forensics, 711 Main St.
Rockwood, PA15557, Phone: 814-926-2426

There are a number of "markers" on each Y chromosome, and each of these markers has a specific "number". The Administrator for the Eustace DNA Project is Ronald Eustice. Contact Ronald Eustice at or Phone (952) 895-1115. Please feel free to drop us a line anytime. We look forward to helping “connect” our cousins with their ancestral lines. Ronald Eustice in Savage, Minnesota.
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