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Eustace Y-Chromosome DNA Project


Equipment required  to take the DNA sample

Required Equipment:

         One cotton tip/swab

         One paper envelope

How is the DNA sample taken?

You can collect your own DNA sample. Taking the sample simply involves wiping a swab inside your mouth. The swab is like a large cotton bud (Q-Tip) and does not hurt you.

1). Rub a clean (sterile if possible) cotton tip/swab/budon inside of cheek until moist.

2). Press hard against the inside of your cheek using both ends of the cotton swab.
3). Place cotton swab in a paper envelope and seal.
4). Label with permanent pen - your name, complete address (postal and/or e-mail), sample date and your Eustace/Eustice/Eustis ancestorís country of origin (if you know it).


Next Steps; what to do with the sample.


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