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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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Eustace Families in Argentina

By: Ronald F. Eustice

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Irish Emigration to Argentina About County Longford

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The first record we have of the Eustace family in Argentina i

Ancestors of Guillermo Eduardo Eustace of Buenos Aires, Argentina

  1. Guillermo Eduardo Eustace (1964-Alive in 2006)
  2. Luis Patricio Kenneth Eustace (1927-19??) married 1959?; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cora Singerman; of Buenos Aires
  3. Patricio Eustace (1900?-1966) married (fecha y lugar) to Maria Ester Coache (190?-1975) of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. Michael Eustace (1863-1907) of Dublin, Ireland married 1848 in Argentina to Catherine Byrne (1867-1935); Lived at Navarro, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Following is speculative:

  1. Michael Eustace (1831 of Ballymahon, County Longford, Ireland; married Ireland to (Unknown) c1862 perhaps in Dublin.
  2. Luke Eustace of Ballymahon, County Longford married Bridget Gibbon.

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