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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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The Eustace Family of Castlekeely and Yeomanstown

By Major-General Sir-Eustace F. Tickell

(Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society; Volume XI1I, No. 6 pp. 401-403 (1955)

This estate, covering an arc a few miles wegt and north of Naas, was originally part of the lands of Christopher Eustace of Newland (q.v.) forfeited in 1641, but returned to his son Alexander in 1662 by Sir Maurice, the Lord Chancellor, to whom they had been granted. Alexander married a widow named Catherine and died in 1674 leaving his estates entailed by will dated 1669. His widow increased the estate by the purchase of Boleybeg, south of Harris-town, from John of Castlemartin for 700. Their children were:

MAU Thomas, outlawed 1690 and died 1692; lAMPS; R will proved 1702; Lawrence, died about 1704; Mary who married Francis Seagrave; William and Eleanor who died young.

Maurice of Yeomanstown was an “officer beyond the seas” in 1689, but returning in 1691 recovered his estates under the Treaty of Limerick. He died in 1697 and was succeeded by his brother:

James of Yeomanstown was also an ardent Jacobite, and his portrait as a captain in the regiment of Colonel Sir Maurice Eustace of Castlemartin still hangs at Morristown Lattin. He and Sir Maurice were the members for Blessington in the 1689 Parliament. He returned from abroad with his brother in 1691 and took the oath of allegiance, but his lands were seized during the Williamite confiscations on the plea that his outlawed brother Thomas had held an entailed interest. They were however restored by a special Act of Parliament. His book Memoirs of King James 11, published

22.11 included Casdekeely, Corragh, Giqerstown, Raheens, Yeoman,town,

Moorewwn, part of Barreitsiown probably Duwthngsrown and later .5o!eybeg.

Part of the estate had been owned in I 535 by Gerald Fitzgerald of Donore

(just north of Cazragh) a descendant of Thomas, brother of 5th Earl of Kilthn.

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