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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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Eustace Family in County Clare (Griffith's Valuation)

Bridget Eustace                                   Breaghva, Kilmurny, Clare

Bridget Eustace                                   Castlepark, Kilmhil, Clare

John Eustace                                        Cahermurphy, Kilmhil, Clare

John Eustace                                        Kilfiddane, Shannakea More, Clare

John Eustace                                        Castlepark, Kilmhil, Clare

John Eustace                                        Leitrim, Kilmihill, Clare

John Eustace                                        Gowerhass, Kilrush, Clare

Margaret Eustace                               Derrynalecklea, Kilmurry, Clare

Mary Eustace                                      Kiltumper, Kilmihill, Clare

Mary Eustace                                      Gowerhass, Kilrush, Clare

Michael Eustace                                  Furoor, Kilmaly, Clare

Michael Eustace                                  Gowerhass, Kilrush, Clare

Patrick Eustace                                   Kilfiddane, Shannakea More, Clare

Patrick Eustace                                   Castlepark, Kilmhil, Clare

Robert Eustace                                    Cahermurphy, Kilmhil, Clare

Simon Eustace                                     Gowerhass, Kilrush, Clare

Walter Eustace                                    Cahermurphy, Kilmhil, Clare

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