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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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Convert Rolls


In order to avoid the legal disabilities imposed by the Penal Law, a number of Catholics renounced their religion for that of the established Church of Ireland. In the majority of cases this was not a sincere renunciation of the Catholic religion, as it was the only legal means whereby a Catholic could obtain basic civil rights. The Convert Rolls, covering the period from 1704 to 1839, in addition to the names, give the address and sometimes the names of parents. The Convert Rolls edited by E. O'Byrne has been published by the Irish Manuscript Commission (1981).


Bridget Eustace,  Ballymurry, cert. and enrolled 1 November 1779 (A).

Edmund Eustace,  cert. 18 November 1734, enrolled 25 November 1734 (A). Eustace, Mr. Edmond, of Dublin, conformity 10 November 1734 (B). (D).

Edward Eustace, gent., Dublin, cert. and enrolled 22 August 1710 (A). Conformity 20 August 1710 (B). (C). (D).

Frances Eustace, certified and enrolled 6 May 1766 (A). Now of Dublin, conformity 1 May 1766 (B). (D).

Honour Eustace, Dowdingstown, Co Dublin; certified and enrolled 21 February 1765 (A). Eustace, Mrs Honor, conformity 20 February 1765 (bracketed with Richard Eustace) (B). (D).

James Eustace and Ann, his wife, Galway, cert. 19 September 1736,

enrolled 21 October 1736 (A). Conformity 5 September 1736 (B).(D).

John Eustace, gent. Ballymurra, Co Limerick, cert. 13 November 1746, enrolled 17 November 1746(A). Conformity 18 May 1746 (B). (D).

John Eustace, cert. 20 January 1775, enrolled 6 February 1775 (A).

Joseph Eustace,  County Carlow, cert. and enrolled 2 May 1743 (A). Conformity 1 May 1743 (B). (0).

Mary Eustace, Ballymore Eustace, certified 9 November 1761, enrolled 12 November 1761(A).

Mary Eustace, otherwise Drake, of Ballymore Eustace, d. Dublin, conformity 27 July 1761(B). (D).

Maurice Eustace, Dublin, cert. 12 February 1771, enrolled 13 February 1771 (A). Now of Dublin, conformity 11 February 1771 (B). Gent. (D).

Richard Eustace, Dowdingstown,County Dublin,cert. and enrolled 21 February 1765 (A); conformity 20 February 1765 [ with Honor Eustace] (B). (D).

Rose Eustace, Dublin, cert. 28 March 1765, enrolled 6 April 1765 (A). Eustace, Mrs Rose, now of Dublin, conformity 23 March 1765 (B). (D).

Rowland Eustace, Dublin, cert. 30 October 1724, enrolled 3 November 1724 (A). Conformity 12 October 1724 (B). (C). (D).

William Eustace, junior, Craddockstown, Co Kildare, cert. and enrolled 22 July 1743 (A). Mr William Eustace, junior, conformity 2 July 1743 (B).(D).

William Eustace, Dublin, cert. 12 October 1768, enrolled 20 October 1768 (A). Now of Dublin, conformity 12 October 1768(B). (D).

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