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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.





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The Eustace Family & Their Lands in County Kildare

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Act for Resettling Ireland of 1652  

Dispossessed Eustace Landowners of Ireland of 1664

(Lists given to the Duke of Ormonde to select his nominees for restoration)

The lists that follow were copied from the Prendergast MSS. Vol. iv at King's Inn Library, Dublin by E.G. More O'Ferrall in 1970 and were published with permission of the Committee of that library in Irish Genealogist; Volume 4, Number 4; November 1971. The originals are among the Carte MSS, Vol. 44 (1660-7) in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, where the Prendergast transcript was made. Thus what is presented here is is a copy of a copy, but experts are satisfied it is accurate, since Prendergast was considered a careful worker and Irish Genealogist editors took great pains to reproduce his copy accurately.


The names that appear on the lists are those of heads of households who lost their lands through the Cromwellian Settlement and were not, for the most part, compensated with grants in Connacht or Clare, nor restored by the Court of Claims which functioned in 1663. In a few cases, where two or three members of a family are mentioned, one of them is described as "past". This means that the individual has passed the Court of Claims for restoration. A very small number of the ex-landowners on these lists were eventually restored to some of their former lands as nominees and it fell to Ormonde, as Lord-Lieutenant, to make the recommendations. For this purpose he needed not only the names of the persons concerned but some briefing also on their conduct during the period of the war of 1641-52 in Ireland, and more especially the early part of it, which was referred to officially as "the late horrid Rebellion". This briefing was done by means of capital letters placed above or after names on the lists with a key at the beginning explaining what they stood for. (The key is listed immediately below the list of names.)


County of Dublin

Thomas Eustace of Elverstowne (B, H & I)       0150

County of Kildare

Rowland Eustace of Blackhall, (A, B, C, D, E & H), his daughter & heiress married to Robert Archbold; B.C.H.      0160

Nicolas Eustace of Confey (B, C & H)              0500

Nicolas Eustace of Colbinstowne (B, C & H)    0100

Christopher Eustace of Newland  (B, H & J)    0400

Oliver Eustace of Mullaghcash  (B, H & J)        0250

Oliver Eustace of Blackrath   (B, H & J)           0200

James Eustace of Clongoweswood   (B, H & J)  0300

William Eustace of Ballycullin    (B, H & J)        0100

County of Wexford

James Eustace of Turkill, Richard Eustace of Rakingrany; assignee to the said James;  (B, H & I)  0100


Qualifications of Lists furnished to Ormond whence to select Nominees

Dispossessed Landowners Complete List














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