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Eustace Households Listed in 1901 Census Alexander Eustace of Ballinascorney
Balbriggan, County Dublin Families
Eustace Households Listed in 1911 Census Eustace Households Listed in 1851 Census
Eustace Families of Dublin 1901-1911 Countn Landowners circa 1870
Dublin Census of 1911 Cork & Glasnevin Eustace Family


Griffith's Valuation County Dublin


Some Eustace Families of City & County Dublin

City and County of Dublin

Edmond Eustace; Elwartstown, Co. Dublin; 1597; Gent; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Thomas Eustace; Dublin; tanner; 1629; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Charity Eustace; widow of Maurice Eustace; late Lord Chancellor; 1679; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Robert Eustace; Dublin; joiner; 1646; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Margaret Eustace alias Keeting; Dublin; widow; 1692; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Laurence Eustace; High Street, Dublin (1704-05); Dublin City Pipe Water Accounts

Rowland Eustace; Dublin; tailor; 1709;  Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Margaret Eustace; widow; 1738; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

James Eustace; Dublin; 1742; Gent; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Richard Eustace; Dublin; merchant; 1755; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Mary Eustace alias Dillon; 1759; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Maurice Eustace; Lord Chancellor of Ireland; 1760; Knight; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

William Eustace; Dublin; Esquire; 1763; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Martha Eustace; Dublin; widow; 1775; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Alexander Eustace (Reverend); Swords, Co. Dublin; cleric; 1779; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland

Alice Eustace; Donnybrook, Co. Dublin; widow; 1780; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland

Charles Eustace; Dublin; 1801; Esquire; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland

Allen Eustace; 30 Back Lane; Linen draper; Wilson's Dublin Directory (1801)
Edward Eustace, 1 Patrick Street; Butcher; Wilson's Dublin Directory (1801)
Rowland  Eustace, 13 Pill Lane; Grocer; Wilson's Dublin Directory (1801)
Richard Eustace, 3 Ormond Street; Carpet manufacturer; Wilson's Dublin Directory (1801)
Eustace, Sandy; 21 Ormond Market; Butcher; Wilson's Dublin Directory (1801)

Robert Eustace; Dublin City; 1805; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland;

Andrew Eustace; Dublin; 1808; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland

Christopher Eustace; Bow Street Distillery; 1853; letter in Irish Genealogist; Vol. 4, No. 4, p. 330 (1971)

James Eustace; Glasnevin; 1855 Griffith's Valuation
John Eustace M.D; Hampstead South, Glasnevin; 1855 Griffith's Valuation

Christopher Eustace, Dublin, Linen Draper, bankrupt; Friday September 2, 1774 - Dublin; Page 234:

"Died...Mr. C Eustace, linen draper, by a fall from a horse..."; May 3, 1776 - Dublin; Page 409:
Irish Genealogical Abstracts - Schlegal, Copyright 1990 Genealogical Publishing Co; Baltimore, MD; Indexes and articles located at University of St. Thomas Library.

Rathfarnham, County Dublin

Rathfarnham Marriage Records:

Elizabeth Eustace married Barry Fagan on 14 August 1784 at Rathfarnham;

Oliver Eustace married Mary Donough on 16 September 1810 at Rathfarnham;

John Eustace married Catherine Nowlan on 5 July 1812 at Rathfarnham;

James Eustace married Margaret Conlon on 9 August 1821 at Rathfarnham;

Pat Eustace married Mary Keogh on 27 December 1825 at Rathfarnham;

Ed Eustace married Catherine Ennis on 22 September 1828 at Rathfarnham;

Mic(hael) Eustace married Bridget Ford on 26 April 1830 at Rathfarnham;

Anne Eustace married Pat Conlon on 26 June 1831 at Rathfarnham;

Margaret Eustace married John Doyle on 20 November 1843 at Rathfarnham;

Christopher Eustace married Mary O’Hare on 9 September 1847 at Rathfarnham;

James Eustace married Ann Laughlin on 11 March 1849 at Rathfarnham;

Michael Eustace married Jane Kelly on 7 February 1853 at Rathfarnham;

Dennis Eustace married Jane Norton on 8 February 1853 at Rathfarnham;


Early history of Rathfarnham

The name Rathfarnham (Fearnain's Ringfort) suggests an earlier habitation but no remains of prehistoric fortifications, burial places, early churches or old records have been found.

The written history of Rathfarnham begins in Norman Ireland when, in 1199, these lands were granted to Milo le Bret. In 1199 he adapted an existing ridge to build a motte and bailey fort at what is now the start of the Braemor Road. It was apparently still in evidence up to the early 20th century. In the following centuries no events of great importance are recorded as Rathfarnham was protected on its south side by the Royal Forest of Glencree.

Rathfarnham became more exposed to attack when this deer park was overrun by the Clan O'Toole from the Wicklow Mountains in the 14th century. Rathfarnham Castle was erected in part to protect the area from such attacks. In addition, part of the Pale's defences ran through the townland of Rathfarnham. Some of the remains of this are still extant.

The castle and much of the land around Rathfarnham belonged to the Eustace family of Baltinglass. However, their property was confiscated for their part in the Second Desmond Rebellion of 1579-83. The castle and its lands of Rathfarham were then granted to the Loftus family. However members of the Eustace family remained in the area as evidenced by marriage records of the 18th Century and Griifith's Valuation.

In the 1640s, the Loftus family was at the centre of the Irish Confederate Wars arising out of the Irish Rebellion of 1641. In 1649, the castle was seized by the Earl of Ormonde's Catholic and Royalist forces before the battle of Rathmines. However they were granted it back by the English parliamentarians after their victory in that battle. Reputedly, Oliver Cromwell stayed in Rathfarnham Castle on his way south to the Siege of Wexford.

Economic activity in Rathfarnham was stepped up in the 17th century and in the early 18th century many gentlemen's residences were erected. Rathfarnham castle itself was re-modelled from a defensive stronghold into a stately home. Lower Dodder Road is still marked by a triumphal arch, from this era, which originally led to Rathfarnham Castle.

Saggart, County Dublin

Saggart Marriage Records:


Griffith's Valuation (1851): 

Name                     Location                                Parish    

Balrothery Parish:

John   Eustace; Tankardstown; County Dublin

John Eustace; Town of Balbriggan, High Street; County Dublin


Clondalkin Parish:

Patrick Eustace; Bedlesshill; County Dublin


Clontarf Parish:

John Eustace; Greenlanes Back-Lane; County Dublin


Coolock Parish:

Oliver Eustace; Brookville, Village of Coolock; County Dublin


Donnybrook Parish:

Joseph Eustace; Ringsend, Thorncastle Street; County Dublin


Dublin City Parish:

Andrew Eustace; Representatives of; Merchants Quay Ward, Braithwaite Street; Dublin City

Andrew Eustace; Representatives of; Merchants Quay Ward, Summer Street; Dublin City

Christopher Eustace; North Dock Ward, Seville Place; Dublin City

Edward Eustace; Trinity Ward, Mc Guinness’s Place; Dublin City

James Eustace, Merchants’ Quay Ward, Weaver’s Square; County Dublin

John Eustace; North Dock Ward, Gloucester St. Nt. Upper; County Dublin;

John Eustace; Royal Exchange Ward, Bow Lane; County Dublin

Laurence Eustace; Inn Quay Ward, Charles Street West; County Dublin

Richard Eustace; Usher’s Quay Ward, New Row West; County Dublin

Richard Eustace; Merchants’ Quay Ward, Weaver’s Square; County Dublin

Sarah   Eustace; South Dock Ward, Merrion Square South; County Dublin

Teresa Eustace; South Dock Ward, Baggot Street Lower ; County Dublin


Finglas Parish:

James Eustace; Tolka County Dublin


Glasnevin Parish:

James Eustace; Glasnevin; Glasnevin; County Dublin   

Eustace, John, M.D.  Hampstead 5th; Glasnevin; County Dublin 


Monkstown Parish:

Thomas Eustace; Dunleary Anna Cottage; County Dublin


Rathcoole Parish:

John Eustace; Crockshane; County Dublin

John Eustace; Rathcoole; County Dublin

Patrick Eustace; Crockaunadreenagh; County Dublin


Rathfarnham Parish:

James Eustace; Terenure; County Dublin


Saggart Parish:

Edward Eustace,     Moneenalion Commons, Lower; Saggart    

Patrick Eustace,     Newtown, Upper; Saggart    


Tallaght Parish:

Alexander Eustace; Ballinascorney, Upper Tallaght


St. Catherine’s Parish: 

Andrew Eustace; Representatives of; Braithwaite St. St. Catherine’s 

Andrew Eustace; Representatives of; Summer Street; St. Catherine’s

James Eustace;    Weaver’s Square; County Dublin

Richard Eustace; New-Row, West; County Dublin

Richard Eustace; Weaver’s Square; County Dublin


St. Thomas Parish:

Christopher Eustace; Seville Place; County Dublin

John Eustace; Gloucester Street, North, Upper; County Dublin


St. Mark’s Parish:

Edward Eustace; Mc Guinness’s-Place; County Dublin


St. Michan’s Parish:

Laurence Eustace; Charles Street, West; County Dublin


St. Peters Parish:

John Eustace; Bow-Lane; County Dublin

Sarah   Eustace; Merrion-Square, South; County Dublin

Teresa Eustace; Baggot-Street Lower ; County Dublin

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