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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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The Eustace Family of Newland

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By Major-General Sir-Eustace F. Tickell

(Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society; Volume XI1I, No. 6 pp. 401-403 (1955)

Newland, two miles south-west of Naas, was occupied by a branch of the family from at least 1355 when a Eustace received a grant of land near the town. He was probably the John Eustace who held part of Dowdenstown  in 1326. In 1356, he founded the Priory at Naas. Four years later John, his eldest son had custody or Cradockstown during a minority. In 1373, Nicholas probably his younger son, was granted by John Halle, the lands of Donore; north-west of Naas, and Blakestown, Co. Wicklow. In the next generation yet another John, (described in 1409 as Sir John, a Guardian of the Peace) was one of the signatories of a petition - to the King in 1413, asking for increased funds for the protection of the Pale. In 1420, he was commissioned with a Walerian Eustace of Killussy to enquire into the state of the county. He was Sheriff of Kildare in 1434, and married Joan, daughter of Sir Simon Cusack and the widow of Sir Edmund Perers, Constable of Carlow Castle. Their son Philip Eustace was Sheriff from 1466 to 1469 and again in 1472 when he was appointed Chief Remembrancer to the Exchequer. He, or his brother John, was the father of William who was Sheriff in 1505 and 1507 and married the daughter of Richard Eustace, Lord Portlester’s brother. Their son John was a King’s juror in 1537, 1549 and 1551, and married Elizabeth, daughter of Gerald FitzGerald of Blackwood, widow of William Wogan. He was pardoned for his part in the Baltinglass rebellion. His son James married Catherine, daughter of Philip FitzGerald of Allen, and his daughter Elizabeth married John Eustace of Castlemartin who died in 1580.

James’s son John (or perhaps James), a juror in 1608, married Ellen, daughter of James Barnwall of Brinoe. He died in 1612, possessed of the following lands which had been finally restored to him in 1592: held in fee by military service—Newland, Sheltonstown (?) Jigginstown, and Stonehall (?); held by lease—Lipstown, Osmanstown, Watertown, Carragh (with water-mill), Yeomanstown, Dowdingstown, Barrettstown, part of Coghlanstown and (from William of Castlemartin) part of Carnalway with a castle. During the next twenty years the estate was increased and much of the leasehold came into full ownership. He married in 1592 Catherine FitzPatrick, daughter of 3rd Baron of Upper Ossory.

His son Christopher1, known later as “Mad Captain Eustace,” married Anne, daughter of Redmond FitzGerald of Timahoe. He took part in the 1641 rebellion and was transported to Connaught. On the Restoration he returned, but with his mind impaired, and his lands were put in trust of Sir Maurice and later granted to him.

He gave most of them back a few years later to A!exander of Yeomanstown, Christopher’s son. He bequeathed the remainder to his nephew, Sir Maurice, but there had been considerable losses during the Commonwealth The subsequent history Of the lands has been dealt with under Castlekeely and Mylerstown.

John Eustace’s other children were Maurice who married Ellen daughter of Oliver Eustace of Blackrath; and Elizabeth who in Thomas FitzGerald of Timahoe.

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