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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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Roland Eustace of Blackhall & Gaganstown (c1568-after 1652)

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Rowland Eustace was born about 1568 and was the son of Oliver Eustace and his wife Joan Eustace. Roland made an unsuccessful claim to Gaganstown, west of Ballymore Eustace, asserting his right of “hereditary possession,” perhaps through his wife Catherine Eustace. Rowland claimed to have lived at Gaganstown from 1568-1582.

In his will dated 1640 he asked to be buried in the ancient graveyard of Killsaintlucan, half-a-mile south of Blackhall Castle.) In 1641 he lost (apparently only temporarily) Blackhall and the nearby lands of Newtown with parts of Tipperkevin and Oldtown.

Roland married Catherine Eustace, possibly of Gaganstown.

In the court—book, the record of court—marshals held in Dublin after the war, in Marsh’s Library, we read under the date March 23rd, 1652: “Rowland Eustace is accused of holding correspondence with and relieving the enemy and all evidence being heard and fully debated, it was put to the question whether upon the whole question and circumstances to the Court there are not strong and pregnant presumptions that the said Rowland Eustace is guilty of the several crimes wherewith he is charged; resolved in the affirmative. Second, whether upon the whole matter there is sufficient evidence to proceed by judgment against Rowland Eustace or not; resolved in the negative, it was finally ordered upon the question resolved in the affirmative that the said Rowland Eustace be herewith removed with his whole family and dependents into the province of Connaught. It was also further ordered that he be released, giving security to perform the judgment of this court hereby declared, and to appear on the forty days after the notice lodged at any of his houses.’’ On the margin is “in Jajogstown, (Gaganstown) in the County Kildare.”

Oliver Eustace (father of Roland) was pardoned in 1583 for involvement in Baltinglass Rebellion. Fiant Records show that Oliver and others numbering 500, had taken the field at Baltinglass, and had attacked the town of Sagard, Co. Dublin, burning forty houses; Oliver together with Maurice Eustace was said to have aided the rebels. The pardon was granted but instructions were that it not to be “sealed” till Oliver “find surety” before the lord chancellor to prove his loyalty. Oliver died in 1618. Oliver was married to Joan Eustace of Mullacash who was the daughter of Thomas Eustace, died 1594 and his wife Catherine Eustace. Thomas first married Cecily Graydon and upon her death Catherine Eustace.

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