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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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Eustace Family of County Waterford

By: Ronald F. Eustice

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Waterford Eustace Families

Griffith's Valuation:
John Eustace is listed as a boarder at St. John's Within Parish, Clarks Lane/John's Lane/John's Street/Trinity Lane, Waterford. Perhaps this is the same person at four similar addresses.

Egan's History Guide & Directory of the County & City of Waterford (1894):
Joseph Eustace; House 66, Johnstown; fowl dealer (Page 470);
William Eustace; House # 50; Johnstown; householder (Page 470).

Thom's Directory for Waterford (1909/10):
Ellen Eustace; Manor Street, Waterford City (Page 67);
John Eustace; Printer; Bank Lane, The Mall, Waterford City (Page 52);
Joseph Eustace; laborer; Roseallen (Rose Lane), Waterford (Page 85);
_____Eustace (Mrs.); John's Lane, Waterford City (Page 67);
Mary Eustace (Mrs.); Johnstown, Waterford (Page 69);
Mary Eustace; householder; Milk Lane, (Peter Street), Waterford, (Page 85);
Richard Eustace; laborer; Roche's Street (off Water Street), Waterford; (Page 85).

Census of Ireland (1901):
House 4.2 Bank Lane (Waterford Urban No. 4, Waterford)
John Eustace;
age 48, male; Head of Family; Roman Catholic; Birthplace - Waterford City; Bookbinder; Read & write; Married;
Mary Anne Eustace; age 50; female; Wife; Irish Church; Birthplace - Waterford City; Read & write; Married;

The Waterford News - 28th of July 1916, Page 5
The casualty lists during the past few days include many Waterford men including
Private E. (Edward) Eustace, Waterford, R.I. Regiment (7514) who has been killed (on July 4, 1916) in France. His parents (Martin Eustace and Ellen Cashin, reside at Lady Lane. (Edward Eustace was born August 13, 1895 in the Waterford City Workhouse. His parents were Martin Eustace, laborer and Ellen Cashin.
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