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Eustace Family in County Westmeath, Ireland

Compiled by Ronald F. Eustice & David F. Carberry

Records show Eustace families living in at least four separate geographic areas in Westmeath during the first half of the 19th Century. Eustace families can be found in the parishes of Delvin and Clonmellon, Multyfarnham and Mullingar, Kinnegad and Tubber and Rosemount. While some of these families may be closely related, the lack of earlier records makes a positive connection difficult and speculative.

Eustaces in early Westmeath records:
1540-41; Crown Surveys of Lands; Oliver Ewstas of Mylton, Westmeath, tenant of land and dwelling at “Ewstas land”, annual rent 36 shillings. Oliver Ewstas also was in possession of a messuage and buildings rented at 11 shillings, 10 pence. Crown Surveys of Lands
1540-41 with Kildare Rental Begun in 1518, Geroid Mac Niochall, Dublin; Irish Manuscript Commission (1992).

1599; Fiant 6023 (6110) Pardon for intrusions and alienations to Rose Eustace, widow of Gerald Petit, and Redmund Pettit his son , feoffees of Gerald Pettit, late of Irishtowne, County Westmeath, knight; and to Thomas, son and heir of Simon Pettit , son and heir of
said Gerald. Also to Wm. Pettit of Parsettestowne, Peter Nangle of Stokestown. Recites Inquisition, Exchequer, Westmeath, Eliz; No. 52. Fine L52 10s 6d – 16 October xxxviii. The Irish Fiants of the Tudor Sovereigns, de Burca, Eamon; Edmund Burke, Publisher (1994), Page 274.

Documents also mention Daltons in same area. Mylton (Milton) is about midway from Mullingar to Ballymahon. In the same area are the villages of Piercetown and Irishtowne.

Oliver FitzGerald, younger brother to Gerrit mor FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare, was in possession of considerable property in this part of Westmeath. Gerrit og FitzGerald was the son of Gerrit mor FitzGerald and Alison FitzEustace who was the daughter of Roland FitzEustace, Lord Portlester and Margaret D’Artois. Gerri tog died in the Tower of
London. His son Thomas FitzGerald, 10th Earl of Kildare also known as Silken Thomas was executed for his part in the Silken Thomas Rebellion of 1534. Also executed were Thomas’s five uncles including Oliver mentioned above.


Public Records:

Flax grower’s List (1797)

James Eustace                                                  Leny, Westmeath


Tithe Applotment Books (1824)

James Eustace                                                  Rathbennet, Corkaree, Leny, Westmeath (1824)

(9 acres, 3 roods, 35 3/4 perches)


Richard Griffith’s Valuation (1848-64)

Mary Eustace                                                    T/Moate, Athlone Road, Westmeath

Mary Eustace                                                    Kilcleagh Westmeath

Patrick Eustace                                                 Cullenhugh, Parish Leny, Westmeath

Patrick Eustace                                                 House, yard, garden on Dirty Lane, Mullingar, Westmeath

William Eustace                                                 Cullenhugh, Parish Leny, Westmeath

Capt. Chas. Stannard Eustace                          Kilgarran Glebe, Kilcleagh, Westmeath

(Charles Stannard Eustace lived in London and owned more than 1,000 acres in the Westmeath area. While Charles owned considerable land in Westmeath, his connection with other Eustaces of Westmeath, if any, is unknown.) Charles Stannard Eustace was the son of Reverend Charles Eustace and his wife Cassandra Stannard of Robertstown, County Kildare (See Robertstown Eustace Family)

Roman Catholic Church Records show that Eustaces lived in four specific geographic locations in Westmeath; Delvin/Clonmellon, Multyfarnham, Kinnegad and Tubberclaire/Tubber and Rosemount. Possible connections between the various families are difficult to determine due to lack of early records. We shall therefore treat the groupings as separate branches of the same extended Eustace family.

Clonmellon & Delvin



Tubberclaire & Rosemount

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