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Winifred Lang (1832-1899) & Mark Crain

Winifred Lang; She was born November 12, 1832 in Co. Sligo, Ireland. She came to the United States with her brothers, Andrew, Michael, and Patrick, in 1847 and settled at Eldorado, Wisconsin she married Mark Crain on February 12, 1880. She died at Eldorado, Jan. 16, 1899. As her sister, Ann (Mrs. Patrick Foley) was only eleven years old when the brothers and Winifred left for the States, and since Ann did not come to the United States until 19 years later, it is supposed that the parents were still living when the boys and Winifred left home for America.
A. Ellen Crain; born about 1860. She married James Heavy_______
A. Elizabeth Heavy; born __________. Married Clem Liner of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on           _____________. Elizabeth died Nov. 1961; Clem died ______. Both are buried at Fond du Lac.
a. Joseph Liner. Born ________Married __________
b. ____________
B. Elenore Heavy; born ________. She married Leo Callan. They lived at Ripon, Wisconsin and had two sons:
a. James Callan; born _________carried Jerry_____. They lived in Ripon, Wisconsin.
b. John Callan; born _____; he married ______ and lived in Hacienda Heights, California. They had seven children.
1. Peggy Callan; born _____.
2. Patty Callan; bom
3. Kathy Callan; born
4. Shawn Callan; born
5. Kerry Callan; bom
6. Kevin Callan; born
7. Shannon Callan; bom
C. Winifred Heavy. Bom llorin ale. Died Cemetery, Springv.
D. Josephine Heavy, Born Costello. Died _____married _, Buried at St. Mary's
B. Mark Crain. Born in 1867 and died in 1933. He married Ella Blewett (1867-1936). They had no children._ _ _ _ , Died ___________.
He and his wife lived on the Crain Farm until they retired to the Boyle Rest Home in Fond du Lac, where they both died. Mark visited the Minnesota relatives when he went to Janesville, Minnesota for the funeral of Laura Foley, the young daughter of his cousin, Thomas Foley. Laura Foley died January 1, 1918.
C. Ann Crain. Born in 1860; Died in 1920. Ann did not marry. She lived for several years previous to her death with her sister, Kate, in Fond du Lac. Ann visited the Minnesota relatives when she went to Janesville with her niece, Elizabeth Heavy, for the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. Patrick Foley, who did June 30, 1912.
D. Catherine (Kate) Crain. Bom 1874 Died 1954.
Kate lived and died in Fond du Lac. She did not marry. She visited
the Minnesota relatives when she went to Janesville to attend the funeral of her aunt's husband, Patrick Foley who died April 1, 1910.

Quote from a letter written by a descendant of Winnifred Lang's people:
"Winifred was born in 1832 in Co. Sligo, daughter of farmer Thomas Lang and Ann Crystal. Winnifred came to the US in 1847 with her brothers Patrick, Michael and Andrew. It took 8 weeks to sail to Boston. They settled in Eldorado Twp. Wisconsin. She married Mark Crane of Eldorado Wisconsin. This voyage was as bad as when our Crains immigrated: long trip and they ran out of food for the last 3 days. Some children were ill upon arrival, but somehow passed immigration inspection.

Patrick Lang married Kate Fallon and moved to Waseca before 1868. Due to family problems, he moved back to Wisconsin to live with Winnifred where he died in 1891. I have no idea what happened to wife Kate.

Michael was a widower when he married Bridgid McDonough Noonan (a widow lady born in Co.Roscommon) in 1855 in Brown county MN. Bridgid died in 1865 in Rochester Minnesota. She had a sister named Anna McBride.

Andrew met and married a widow: Ann McLaughlin born in Co. Sligo. They were married in Fond du Lac and moved to Waseca County MN to be near Andrew's brothers.

Another sister, Ann Lang, came to the US later and she married a Patrick Foley in Waseca 1868. Now we know why our Atty's sons John and Tim went to Waseca......they had relatives there."

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