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Patrick Glynn, Nicholas Glynn and Thomas Glynn emigrated from County Mayo, Ireland about xxxx. There is no evidence that they are related except for the fact that they lived on adjoining properties and were babtismal sponsors for each other's children. or the father of Mary Glynn Walsh and Bridget Glynn Jordan are related. Patrick and Nicholas Glynn lived on adjoining farms in Scott County, until Nicolas moved to Renville County in 1887. Patrick and Nicholas’ families took part in the other Glynn’s church functions (baptisms, weddings, etc.) to an extent that indicates they were more than just neighbors. McAndrews family oral tradition is that Mary Glynn, who later married Thomas Walsh, came to these Glynn families in Minnesota when she left Ireland. According to that tradition, her niece, Mary Jordan McAndrews who came to the U.S. to stay with Mary Walsh considered the Patrick Glynn children to be her cousins.

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