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Louis-Marie Remillard Family


Louis-Marie5 Rémillard (Rouillard); Guillaume1, Francois2, Francois3, Joseph-Marie4 (Joseph-Marie Rémillard and Clothilde Denis dit LaPierre); he was born 8 March 1763 at St. Michel de Bellechasse; he went with his parents and siblings to L’Acadie during the 1770s; he died 4 May 1850 at the age of 87 (the record says 90) and is buried in the basement (caveau) of the Church of St. Cyprien, Napierville, Quebec. Louis Remillard is listed as a member of the committee (syndicat) responsible for planning and building of the Church of Ste-Marguerite de Blairfindie at L’Acadie around 1800. He married (1) Cecile Smith (John and Anastasie Hebert) at L’Acadie on 11 January 1789 and (2) Marie-Louise Trottier on 31 January 1814 also at L’Acadie. Marie-Louise Trottier also Tretier was born about 1790 and died on 19 September, 1860; by the two marriages he had 19 children;

Children of Louis-Marie Remillard and Cecile Smith:

1.      Marie Remillard; born at L’Acadie; married 2 October 1808 at L’Acadie to Vincent Thuot.

2.      Louis Remillard; born at L’Acadie ; married 7 October 1811 at L’Acadie to Marie-Reine Poutre;

3.      Catherine Remillard; born at ???; married 29 July 1811 at L’Acadie to Amant-Landry Mailloux.

4.      Louise Remillard; born at L’Acadie;  married 31 January 1814 at L’Acadie to Isaac Pinsonneau;

5.      Jacques Remillard; born at L’Acadie ; married 24 November 1817 to Pauline Pinsonneault

6.      Pierre Remillard; born at L’Acadie ; married 13 November 1820 to Marie Tremblay

7.      Celeste Remillard; born at Napierville; born about 1807;  married 2 Oct. 1827 at St-Cyprien-de-Napierville to Joseph Bissonnet;

8.      Francois Remillard; married 12 February 1833 at St-Philippe-de-LaPrairie to Flavie Dupuis (Louis Dupuis and Catherine Perras);

9.      Jacob Remillard; born at Napierville; married Louise Metra at Napierville on 24 November 1835;

Children of Louis-Marie Remillard and Marie-Louise Trottier:

1.      Narcisse Rémillard; married 10 October 1837 to Rosalie Monjon at Napierville;

2.      Crysanthe Rémillard; married 14 May 1839 at Napierville to Margaret Kernan (Kiernan);

3.      Alexandre Rémillard; baptized 31 August 1823 at Napierville; married Josephte Goyette on 9 January 1844 at Napierville; he emigrated to the United States about 1868 first to Norton Mills, Vermont and to Rice County, Minnesota in 1869. The family remained in Rice County until 1887 when they went to Long Prairie before finally settling at Staples, Todd County in 1890. Alexandre Remillard died on 20 March, 1903 at Staples, Minnesota;

4.      Amable Rémillard, married 22 November 1842 at Napierville to Cesaire St. Amand;

5.      Hilaire Rémillard ; baptized 13 August 1825 at Napierville;

6.      Rosalie Rémillard, baptized 26 August 1827 at Napierville, she married Olivier Roy on 28 August 1851 at Napierville;

7.      Jude Rémillard; baptized 28 October 1832 at Napierville;

8.      Mathilde Rémillard ; baptized 14 October 1830 at Napierville ;

9.      Domatille Rémillard; married 15 February 1847 to Rafael Cardinal at Napierville;

10.  Jules Rémillard; buried 8 November 1856 at Napierville.




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