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Patrick Eustace of Townland Collum, Parish of Cashel, County Longford

Patrick1 Eustace was born about 1790 near the town of Longford, County Longford, Ireland. He died around the time of the Great Famine probably in Townland Collum, County Longford (his youngest child was born February 10, 1847). There are indications that Patrick’s parents were probably Thomas Eustace and Mary Doyle, although conclusive proof has not been found. He had at least three siblings; James, born about 1797 who settled at Mapleton, Waukesha, County, Wisconsin and died there on March 27, 1855; Bridget, born about 1802 who married William Carroll and settled at Schuylerville, New York; and John, born about 1810, who also went to Schuylerville, New York and died during the 1880's.


Patrick may be the same person as the Pat Eustace listed with William Eustace on the Tithe Applotment Books in 1833. William and Pat Eustace were tenants on 5 Acres, 2 Roods, and 3 Perches of third class land in Townland Farnagh near Longford Town. William Eustace may also have been a brother to Patrick, James, Bridget and John. Also listed on Tithe Applotment records is James Eustace, the occupant of 1 Acre, 0 Roods and 5 Perches in Townland Collum. Immediate lessor of the property is listed as J. Boswell. The listing shows James leased property located two houses away from a property occupied by a household head identified as Widow Cunningham who is perhaps the mother of Patrick’s future wife, Catherine. It is likely that he is the same James Eustace who married Bridget Kennedy and lived near Ballymahon from 1830 until about 1850 when he emigrated to the USA and settled in Mapleton, Waukesha County, Wisconsin where he died in 1855.  


Patrick married Catherine Cunningham during the mid to late 1820s. Catherine Cunningham was born about 1813. They lived in Collum during the 1830s and 1840s. Following Patrick’s death during the Potato Famine, the family moved to Ballyrevagh Townland near Newtowncashel. Griffith’s Primary Valuation of County Longford (1854) shows the following: Ballyrevagh Townland, Cashel Civil Parish (Newtowncashel Catholic Parish), Ballymahon Union; Catherine Eustace; Reference to map-3N; immediate lessor, John Butler; house, no acreage. Catherine Eustace brought the family to Victory Mills, New York around 1860. Catherine EUSTACE, age 72 years; died March 2, 1885 at Smithville (Victory Mills), NY.


Patrick Eustace was the father of eleven or twelve children, at least the nine youngest (and perhaps all) were by Catherine Cunningham.

1.    Thomas Eustis, born about 1822-24 probably in County Longford; married Bridget FitzPatrick; died August 30, 1905 at Smithville (Victory Mills), age 82 years.

2.    Bridget Eustis; born about 182X; probably in County Longford; married (1) William Carroll (Carle) about 1855; married (2) Patrick Gannon, about 18XX; married (3) Thomas Quigley; she died May 1, 1868 and is buried in Victory Cemetery, Victory Mills, New York.

3.   James; died  at Collum;

4.   Catherine, baptized November 30, 1830 at Newtowncashel; Sponsors were John Eustice and Mary Lally;

5.   Patrick (spelled Eustier on baptismal record), baptized January 14, 1832; Sponsors were Thomas Eustier and Mary Eustier; Patrick died January 31, 1887 at Victory Mills; cause of death listed as Consumption;

6.   Mary baptized March 19, 1834; daughter of Patrick Eustace and Catherine Cunningham; sponsors were Patrick Cunningham and Mary Hughes.

7.   Ann, baptized June 20, 1836; daughter of Patrick Eustan and Catherine Cunningham Sponsors were James Cunningham and Catherine Farrell; Ann died January 24, 1880 at Victory Mills, NY;

8.   Catherine (spelled Eustan), parents listed as Patrick Eustan and Catherine Cunningham, baptized at Newtowncashel February 6, 1839; Sponsors were James Eustan and Brigid Hopkins.

9.   Margaret Eustace; baptized in 1841; daughter of Patrick & Catherine; sponsors were John Eustace

10. John Eustace, son of Patrick Eustace and Catherine Cunningham of Collum, baptized September 14, 1842; Sponsors were Patrick Eustace and Mary Eustace; John died April 18, 1879 at Victory Mills, NY; his age is given as 38 years;

11. Elizabeth Eustace, daughter of Patrick Eustace and Catherine Cunningham of Collum, baptized November 16, 1844; Sponsors were Patrick Hopkins and Brigid Fallon.

12. Eleanor Eustace, daughter of Patrick Eustace and Catherine Cunningham of Collum, baptized February 10, 1847; Sponsors were Edward Moran and Ann Lynch