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Ancestors of Katherine Erpelding (1847-1914)
wife of Michael Fox (1851-1926)

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Kohn Family of Stegen, Luxembourg

Katherine Erpelding was born 30 Nov. 1847 in Stegen, Diekirch, Luxembourg and died 20 October 1919 in Watertown, Codington County, South Dakota. She married Michael Mark Fox (Fuchs) October 15, 1874 at New Trier, Dakota County, Minnesota. Katherine Erpelding was the daughter of Henri Erpelding (1799-1873) and Barbe Stein (1803-??).

Henri Erpelding son of Nicolas Erpelding & Elisabeth Kohn was born 21 July 1799 at 3 Thermidore VIII; and baptized at Hagelsdorf. He died at Stegen on 8 May 1873. He married Barbe Stein at Ermsdorf on 19 February 1823. Barbe Stein was a born 30 January 1803 at Stegen. She was the daughter of Jean Stein and Ann Marie Frommes.

Children of Henri Erpelding & Barbe Stein:
1). Jean Erpelding, born 20 July 1824 at Stegen; he married Catherine Turmes on 27 June 1868 and died 9 February 1913 at DieKirch (Spital)), Luxembourg.
2). Anne Marie Erpelding; born 31 August 1827 at Stegen; she married jean Wollmering on 18 January 1853 and died 16 December 1907 at Stegen.
3). Claire Erpelding; born 26 July 1830 at Stegen; She married Pierre Conzemius on May 12, 1859. Claire died at Hastings, Minnesota on 29 July 1914. Pierre (Peter) Conzemius died 15 February 1908 at Hastings, Dakota County, Minnesota.
4).Eve Erpelding; born 24 February 1833 at Stegen.
5). Pierre Erpelding; born 8 May 1838 at Stegen.
6).Anne Erpelding; born 11 March 1840 at Stegen.
7). Catherine Erpelding; born 30 November 1847 at Stegen; she married Michael Mark Fuchs (Fox) on 15 October 1874. She died 20 October 1919 at Watertown, Codington, County, South Dakota.

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