Foley & Lang Families

of County Roscommon & Sligo, Ireland

Lang Family Home at Glen Townland, County Sligo Fireplace in Lang Home

Ann Lang & Patrick Foley Family of Waseca County, Minnesota
By Brother Bonaventure (John Michael) Foley

ANN LANG was born May 1, 1836 in Co. Sligo, Ireland (probably in the townlnds of Glen or Kinnagrelly) and remained there after the death of her parents and her brother, Thomas, and sister, Mary Ann. She was the last of her family to leave Ireland. At the age of 26, she left Ireland in the spring of 1862 with a niece, Ann Lang, age 18, who was daughter of Michael Lang, together with a nephew John Lang, age 16, who was the son of Patrick Lang. After being on the boat for eight weeks they arrived in Boston on Easter Sunday April 20, 1862. Ann along with her two companions proceeded at once for Eldorado, Wisconsin to live with her sister, Winifred, Mrs. Mark Crain and her brothers, the fathers of Ann and John. Ann remained with her sister at El Dorado till July 1866, when she left for Waseca Co., Minnesota to care for the children of her brother, Michael, who recently lost his second wife in 1865, near Rochester, Minnesota, when traveling to Waseca County to take charge of his farm which his brother, Patrick, had previously purchased for him in Alton Township.

On February 12, 1868, Ann married a widower, Patrick Foley (age 41) who had come to Waseca County from Albany, New York in 1865, and settled on a farm in St. Mary's Township with his father, John Foley and daughter from his first marriage, Ann Foley. This marriage of Patrick Foley and Ann Lang took place at St. Mary's Catholic Church in rural Waseca, and was blessed by Father John Bennet and witnessed by Bernard Gallagher, nephew of Patrick, and Miss Elizabeth Casey.

In 1878, Patrick Foley bought the Miller Farm in Alton Township near that of Patrick Lang, Terrance McBride and Fred Krouse. Patrick died April 1, 1910 at his home. His wife, Ann, died June 30, 1912, while visiting at the home of her daughter Winnie (Mrs. Florence Cahill) east of Janesville, Minnesota. Patrick and his wife were buried from St. Ann's Catholic Church and buried in St. Ann's Cemetery, Janesville. They were the parents of two sons and three daughters. Mrs. Patrick Foley was a woman of about five feet and eight inches tall, and weighed about 165 pounds. She was a strong woman, physically, but not emotional. She suffered very little from sickness except during the years of 1902-03 when she suffered greatly from gall trouble and when she broke her hip on January 31, 1905 while visiting at the home of her son, John.

Family of Patrick Foley & Ann Lang:
A. John Foley was born, November 3, 1868 at the family farm in St. Mary's Township. He moved to Alton Township with parents in 1878. John Foley married Ellen Frances Burke, daughter of Michael and Catherine (Moran) Burke on November 9, 1898 and lived near Janesville, south of St. Ann's Cemetery, on what was then known as the Sullivan Farm. In the fall of 1919, he sold his Janesville farm to John Jennison and moved his family to what was known as the Robarge Farm in the village of Waverly, Wright County. After a few months he sold the Robarge Farm and in 1920 he moved to what was known us the Quinn Farms, east of Montrose. It was here that his wife (Ellen Frances) died January 7, 1937. About 1943, John moved to St. Paul where he died July 20, 1964. Both John and his wife were buried from St. Ann's Church at Janesville and are resting in St. Ann's Cemetery, which is adjacent to the farm where they lived from 1898 until 1920.

John Foley and Ellen Frances Burke had two daughters and four sons:

1. Mary Elizabeth Foley was born November 19, 1899, at Janesville. On Oct. 2, 1923, she married Francis P. O’Connell of Waverly. They were the parents of two daughters and three sons.
a. John Daniel O'Connell; born, September 1,1924 and died May 11, 1932. He was buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Waverly.
b. Anna Gertrude O'Connell; born November 1, 1927. She married Hugh McNamara of Goodhue, Minnesota, on Oct. 3, 1953, at Waverly, and lives near Goodhue. They have two daughters and four sons.
1. Teresa Ann McNamara. She graduated from the College of St. Teresa and married Francis Speck of Winona, Minnesota. They have one son, Michael Hugh, born May 19, 1979. They live at 331 Oak St.
2. Tim McNamara. He graduated from St. John's University and taught at Madison, Minnesota High School from September 1977 to January 1980, then worked as loan officer for Production Credit Association in Madison.
3. Cecelia McNamara
4. Edward McNamara.
5. William McNamara.

c. Alice O’Connell; born June 8, 1929. She lives in San Francisco, California works in office of Greyhound Bus Company.
d. Joseph Francis O’Connell; born March 27, 1932. He is co-owner of the O'Connell Brothers Farm, Woodland Center, near Waverly. He married Trudy Gibson. They adopted Bob and Katie.
e. Edward Raymond O'Connell; born, April 17, 1934. He is co-owner of the O’Connell Brothers Farm, Woodland Center near Waverly.
2. Anna Catherine Foley (Sister K. Sheila, O.S.P.); born, April 23, 1901. She received the habit of the Sisters of St. Francis, Rochester, Minnesota, June 28, 1921.
3. Francis Patrick Foley; born, December 16, 1902, Died, January 15, 1903. He is buried in family lot at Janesville.
4. Infant Son; born and died September 16, 1903. He is buried in family lot at Janesville.
5. John Michael Foley (Brother Bonaventure, C.S.C.); born August 26, 1904. He received the Habit of Brothers of Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Indiana on July 20, 1922.
6. Joseph Eugene Foley; born March 3, 1907. He married Helen Welton of Maple Lake on October 30, 1935. They are the parents of two daughters and one son.
a. Jay Edward Foley; born March 21 1938, at Waverly. He lives in Minneapolis and works for the State of Minnesota as an auditor.
b.Sheila Jo Foley; born September 25, 1944, in St. Paul. She lived in Minneapolis as of 1979.
c. Noreen Foley; born and died in October 1946 • She is buried in the Lang family Lot at Janesville.
B. Nellie Foley; born in St. Mary's Township and baptized at St. Mary's by Father Bohermann. She died June 4, 1875 and is buried in the St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery.
C. Cecelia Foley; born January 14, 1872, in St. Mary's Township and baptized at St. Mary's Church by Father Bohermann. She moved to Alton Township with parents in 1878. Cecelia married Michael James McBride on Jan. 12, 1898 at St. Ann's Church, Janesville. The marriage was blessed by Father Ryan. The witnesses at the marriage were Winnie Lang and Edward McDonough. The McBride family lived on what was known as the Krause Farm until 1919 when the family moved to the village of Janesville. James died on March 17, 1957, and Cecelia died March 29, 1959. Both are buried in St. Ann's Cemetery, Janesville.
1. Anna Loretta McBride; born, May 14, 1099; she moved to Janesville with her parents when they bought the Zimmerman House in 1919. Anna married Arthur Fridland July 9,1934. They lived in Albany, Minnesota. They had one daughter.
a. Mary Fridland; born April 29, 1936. Mary Fridland married Thomas Dinndorf June 15, 1958 and in 1980 lived at Baudette, Minnesota.
They had four children:
1. Anna Elizabeth Dinndorf; born July 7, I960
2. Kathleen Kary Dinndorf; born May 29, 1961
3. Mark Thomas Dinndorf; born January 29, 1964
4. Michael James Dinndorf; born November 28, 1966

2. John Patrick McBride; born July 7, 1903. He married Catherine Coughlin of Waseca on November 27, 1943. As of 1980, they lived in Waseca and spend the winters in Alamo, Texas.
3. Mary Cecelia McBride; born, November 27, 1906 in Alton Township. In 1980, she lived in Janesville.

D). Thomas Foley; born in St. Mary's Township, April 8, 1874; baptized at St. Mary's Church by Father Herman on November 21, 1900. He married Laura Cunningham, daughter of John Cunningham. They first lived on the Foley Farm near the McBride family and later moved to Janesville where Laura died on March 8, 1942, and Thomas died December 24, 1954. Both are buried in St. Ann's Cemetery, Janesville.
1. Gertrude Foley; born, December 1901 in Alton Township. She moved to Janesville with her parents and on September 21, 1945, she married Curt Schulz who died June 12, 1950. As of 1980, she lived in Waseca, Minnesota.
2. Laura Foley; born April 13, 1903 and died January 1, 1918 at the family home in Janesville. She is buried in St. Ann's Cemetery.
3. Francis Arthur Foley; born, August 26, 1904. He moved, to Janesville with parents and died March 1946 at Los Angeles, California. He is buried at Janesville.
4. Raymond Foley; born October 12, 1911 in Janesville, Minnesota. He married Evelyn Hatte on August 23, 1948. They had three children and as of 1980, lived in Cordova, Alaska.
a. Michele Foley; born March 24, 1952. She married ______.
b. Garth Foley; born February l8, 1955.
c. Erin Foley; born September 27, 195?
E. Winifred Foley; born April 10, 1C.76, and baptized at St. Mary's by Father Herman. On November 6, 1905, she married Florence Cahill at St. Ann's Church in Janesville. The attendants were Winnie Lang and John Cahill. They had six children. Winnie died at Janesville on December 28, 1945 and is buried with her daughter, Mary and infant son, Joseph, in St Ann's Cemetery. Her husband, Florence Cahill died __________ at ____________, California and is buried there.
1. Mary Cahill; born February 1907; died _____.
2.  Leonard Cahill; born_________; he married Bridget Keough and had the following children.
a. John Cahill
b. Richard Cahill
c. Catherine Cahill
d. Shannon Cahill
e. Gary Cahill

3. Cecilia Cahill; born at Janesville, Minnesota on ___________. She married Leo Kelsey______________, and in 1980, lived with her family at Quincy, California,
They had two children.
a. John Kelsey; married _____________
b. Ann Kelsey; married _______.
4. Joseph Cahill (infant); born ______________; died _____________
5. John Cahill; born _____________; he married Dorothy Batchwars who died in 1942 and buried in the Patrick Foley lot at St. Ann's Cemetery, Janesville. They had one son.
John Cahill married second time ____________ to Ruby ___________.
6. Frances Cahill; born ___________at Janesville, Minnesota. She married Robert Hall ______________. They lived at Happy Camp, California and had one daughter.

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