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Families of Polladouhy, County Mayo

Extract from “The History of Crossmolina” by Tony Donohoe; Dublin De Burca & Castlehill Donohoe, 2003, ISBN 0 946130 38 8; pp 471-477; Dublin by Eamonn de Burca for Edmund Burke Publisher, “Cloonagashel”, 27 Priory Drive, Blackrock, County Dublin

POLLADOOHY  O.S 29, 28 & 38 POLLACHA-DUBHA – The Black Hole

It has been said that there was a hole in the village which contained a black substance which was used to dye wool.  Polladoohy was part of the district of Moylaha (Moylaw) in the parish of Crossmolina in medieval times.  The first time this townland was mentioned was in the Charter of Francis Jackson of Inniscoe when James I granted him full title to the sequestered lands he claimed in Mayo.  The description is thus: part of Gortduff and Moylagh now called Cloonooragh; part of Gortduff and Moylagh now called Pulladoohy.  It was not mentioned in any other survey until that of 1830.


The townland consisted of 461 acres; 3 perches statute measure and lies west of Tobbermore.  Since it has been recorded it has been thickly populated.  In 1830 there were 24 families on roughly 460 acres of poor land and small valuations.  In the last century the men used to go to Erris and buy cattle, sheep and pigs, sell them in Crossmolina, Rakestreet, Newtown, Ballina and other local fares and were known as ‘stick and dog men’.  They made a living and survived.  A considerable amount of the green land of today was reclaimed by the tenants over the last three hundred years., but especially during the 20th century.



Thomas Berry had the lease at ₤55:8:6

            Tenant                                     ₤:S:D

            Thomas Berry                          4:17:8

            John McKeon                          4:17:6

            Daniel McKeon                       2:8:10

            John Regan                             2:8:10

            John Roan                               1:12:6

            Henry Gillespie                       0:16:3

            John Gillespie                          2:8:10

            John Gallagher                        3:13:3

            Owen McAndrew                   1:4:5

            Matw. Leonard                       2:14:0

            Pat Leonard                            2:14:0

            Thomas Leonard                     1:8:4 ˝

            Roger Leonard                        1:8:4 ˝

            Ed. Brogan                              2:13:8

            John Brogan                            2:13:8

            Pat Brogan                              2:18:0

            Thomas Regan                        1:9:0

            Michael Regan                        1:9:0

            Pat Madden                            1:9:0

            Dom. McAndrew                    2:3:6

            Bartly McAndrew                   2:3:6

            Anty. Murry                            1:1:9

            Pat McGowan                         3:12:6

            Frank Naughton                      1:1:9


Here is the list of the tenants on the Jackson Estate in 1830.  Thomas Berry had the lease and it states in this Tithe Applotment Book that there were only 89 acres: 1 rood; 25 perches in the townland.  The lease cost ₤55:8:4 each year to be paid on the gale days, 1st November and the 1st May in two installments.  That would have been plantation measure and it was the case of the owner not admitting how much land he had to the establishment and it remained that way until Richard Griffith made his survey which was published in 1860 in statute measure and was valued under a new system where houses were valued also.  Berry was an English name, one of the rare ones as was Holmes in Eskeragh and Derra.  You will note that there are similar family names for succeeding plots so one must draw the conclusion that in the former generation this holding was held by their fathers and was divided between his sons and sons-in-law and therefore making them completely uneconomic units.  You will also note that land was divided into shares.  In 1841 there were 146 people in the townland, that was on average six to each house and that was a lot of people.  Four years after this Mervyn Pratt had the estate surveyed and re-valued.  There was an amount of reorganizing done and some of the holdings were rearranged and the rents raised.  The following list of tenants has been taken from the rent roll of the new owner, Mervyn Pratt, beginning in 1834.


1834-38                       AC:RD:PH    ₤:S:D              1840

1.         John Gillespie              10:0:5              3:0:2                Edward Gillespie

2.         Pat Magellan               14:0:2              4:15:2              Pat McGowan

3.         John Gallagher            11:1:7              4:15:2              John Gallagher

4.         John Regan                 7:0:16              3:9:0                John Regan

5.         Roger Leonard            9:1:0                2:3:8                Roger Leonard

6.         Thomas Leonard         5:2:6                2:3:8                Thomas Leonard

7.         Bartly McAndrew       8:1:39              8:3:6                Bartly McAndrew

8.         Matthew Leonard       9:1:38              3:19:10            Matthew Leonard

9.         Martin Judge               4:3:16              2:6:0                Martin Judge

10.       John McKeone            8:2:17              4:5:0                John McKeone

11.       Thomas Berry              14:1:15            5:11:10            Thomas Berry

12.       Edmond Brogan         9:1:29              3:10:2              Edmond Brogan

13.       Pat Madden                10:0:29            2:4:8                Pat Madden

14.       Dominick McAndrew 14:3:5              2:7:8                Dominick McAndrew

15.       Owen McAndrew       7:0:14              1:12:10            Owen McAndrew

16.       John Brogan                9:3:24              3:6:0                John Brogan

17.       Henry Gillespey          3:3:3                1:4:0                Henry Gillespey

18.       John Ruane                 6:3:22              2:11:2              John Ruane

19.       Francis Naughton        4:1:21              1:16:6              Francis Naughton

20.       Anthony Murry           5:3:33              1:17:10            Francis Naughton

21.       Patrick Regan              17:3:24            3:18:10            Patrick Regan

22.       Widow Regan             20:2:26            1:19:2              Widow Honor Regan

23.       Michael Regan            11:1:27            1:17:0              Widow Honor Regan

24.       Daniel McKeon           20:3:4              3:1:10              Daniel McKeon

25.       Pat Leonard                34:0:14            4:2:10              Pat Leonard


            1847                            1854                                        1870

1.         Michael Gillespie        Ml. Gillespie                            Ml. Gillespie

2.         Pat McGowan             Pat McGowan                         Mary McGowan

3.         John Gallagher            John Gallagher                        John Regan

4.         John Regan                 John Regan                             John Regan

5.         Roger Leonard            Pat Leonard                            Pat Leonard

6.         Thomas Leonard         Pat Leonard                            Pat Leonard

7.         Bartly McAndrew       Bartly McAndrew                   John Brogan

8.         Matthew Leonard       Matthew Leonard                   John Brogan

9.         John Wills                   John Wills                               John Wills

10.       John Wills                   John Wills                               John Wills

11.       Thomas Berry              Anthony Lynsky                     John Donnelly

12.       Roger Leonard            Anthony Lynsky                     John Donnelly

13.       Roger Leonard            Anthony Lynsky                     John Donnelly

14.       Dom. McAndrew        Dominick McAndrew             Dom. McAndrew

15.       Dom. McAndrew        Dominick McAndrew             Dom. McAndrew

16.       John Brogan                John Brogan                            John Brogan   

17.       Henry Gillespie           Pat McGowan                         Pat McGowan

18.       John Ruane                 John Ruane                             Edward Brogan

19.       Francis Naughton        Francis Naughton                    Bridget Naughton

20.       Francis Naughton        Francis Naughton                    Bridget Naughton

21.       John Wills                   John Wills                               John Wills

22.       Honor Regan               John Leonard                          John Leonard

23.       Pat McGowan             Pat McGowan                         Pat McGowan

24.       Michael Leonard         Bartly McAndrew                   John Brogan

25.       Pat Leonard                Pat Leonard                            Pat Leonard


            1890                            1912                                        TODAY

1.         Widow & sister           John Mahon                            To Patrick to Widow Mary

                                                                                                Murphy to Tony Doyle

2.         Anty McGowan          Anty McGowan                      To Patrick to Widow Mary

                                                                                                Murphy to Tony Doyle

3.         John Regan                 John Regan                             Ned Regan to Bgt Lowther to

J.P. Duncan

4.         John Regan                 John Regan                             Ned Regan to Wdw. Bgt.

                                                                                                Lowther to J.P. Duncan

5.         Pat Leonard                Pat Leonard                            Roger Leonard

6.         Pat Leonard                Pat Leonard                            Roger Leonard

7-8.      Edward Brogan          Edward Brogan                      James Brogan to Bartly

(Sonny) Brogan

9.         John Wills                   Jane Wills                                John Patterson to Robert


10.       Ferguson and McAndrew in possession

11.       John Donnelly             Patrick Donnelly                     Anthony Donnelly

12.       John Donnelly             Patrick Donnelly

13.       John Wills                   John McAndrew                     Michael Callaghan

14-15.  John McAndrew         Henry James                            Edward Brogan for son

            & Ferguson

16.       Edward Brogan          John Brogan                            John Brogan Jnr         

17.       Anty McGowan          Patrick McGowan                   Tony Doyle

18.       Edward Brogan         

19-20.  Pat Naughton              Pat Naughton                          William Naughton to dtr.

                                                                                                Cris McDermott

21.       John Wills                   John Patterson                         Robert Patterson

22.       Ellen Leonard             Roger Leonard                        Roddy Leonard

23.       Anty. McGowan         Patrick McGowan                   Tony Doyle

24.       Edward Brogan          Edward Brogan

25.       Pat Leonard                Roger Leonard                        Roddy Leonard


No. 1.  Edward Gillespie was married to Mary Fergus and they left and went west to America about 1846.  Michael Gillespie, 11, died about 1870.  Widow Bridget was in possession, with a sister from 1896 and the place went to John Mahon from 1899.  It went from John Mahon to Anthony (Tony) McGowan to son, Patrick, who died on the 22nd June 1946.  The Widow, Mary Murphy McGowan passed it on to Tony Doyle.


No. 2.  Pat McGowan was married to Mary Gilroy and had a son Pat in 1834.  He had a son Pat, who succeeded him and he was married to Mary Hopkins and they had a son, Tony in 1859.  Pat died 1870 and Widow Mary held the place in trust for their son, Tony who eventually passed it on to his son Packey.  Tony Doyle has it now.  The McGowans were great horsemen and Tony McGowan had a long car, a sort of taxi drawn by two horses.  Tony McGowan’s widow lived to a very advanced age.


No. 3.  John Gallagher was married to Bridget Collins and he died in 1868.  John Regan had the land next and he was married to Sibby Gallagher, probably a daughter of John Gallagher.  The marriage was in 1866 and son, Edward, known as Ned, who was married to Bridget Lowther, who outlived him and the place went to a nephew J.P. Duncan of Rathowen.


No. 4.  John Regan was married to Mary McKeon before 1838.  John died 1870 and the place went to Edward Regan, known as Ned, and ended as the same above.


No. 5.   Roger Leonard was married to Barbara Brogan.  Around 1845 the land went to Thomas Leonard, who was married to Mary Commins and they had a son, John, in 1847.  The next tenant was Thomas Leonard and he was married to Cecily Barrett and they had a son, Thomas in 1851.  In 1854 Pat Leonard’s name was down in the Rental as the tenant and he was married to Mary McHugh. This Pat was nicknamed Patch.  Pat died in 1910 and it passed to his son, Roger who died in the 1930’s.  Roddy now has it.  Ann Leonard married Owen Hegarty, 22nd January 1834.


No. 6.  Thomas Leonard was followed by his son, Thomas, who married Mary Cummins, and the story is told above in no. 5.


No. 7.  Bartly McAndrew was married to Mary Noone and had a son Eugene in 1833.  His name was down for the tenancy until 1860 when John Brogan had it.  By 1894 Edward Brogan was there and he married Anne McAndrew in 1869.  Edward died on the 17th May 1929, aged 85.  He left it to his son, James who married Catherine Mulheran and their son, Bartly (Sonny) Brogan succeeded them.


No. 8.  Bartly McAndrew was there until John Barrett, who was married to Sally Leonard, came in by 1894 and he died in 1905 and the place went to son, Patrick.  His son Tony, had it and his daughter married Patrick Carolan.


No. 9.  Martin Judge was married to Anne McKeon in 1835 and they were gone by 1845 – 46.  It must have been the great famine that finished them.  James Wills then stepped in and eventually it went to George Patterson.  Patterson was from Ardagh.


No. 10.  John McKeon was married to Bridget Leonard.  You will notice that the men married girls from their own villages and this was a very common practice at the time.  They had a son, Michael, in 1832 but were gone by 1840.  Roger Leonard had the house for a few years until 1847 when James Wills leased it and it remained in his family name until his son’s widow left it to John Patterson, her son-in-law, in 1911.  It is now owned by Bob Patterson, his grandson.


No. 11.  Thomas Berry was there until 1846 and went to America.  Anthony Lynsky had it for a short period.  He was married to a daughter of Thomas Berry and had it from 1863.  It is difficult to know what happened then because in 1870 John Donnelly had it , but he died in 1883.  It went to his son Patrick Donnelly, whom I knew, and he died on 28th January 1937.  His widow, Maggie Mulheran of Killacurrane is still alive and in good health at this date 23 March 1999.  Her son, Tony has the place now.  Mary Berry married Pat May.


No. 12.  Edmond Brogan was gone by 1840 and Roger Leonard had it until 1849.  Pat McGowan had it for a while and Anthony Lynsky took over and it went the way of No. 11 above.  A Barbara Brogan married to John Healy, 17th July 1833.


No. 13.  Pat Madden, who was married to Mary Regan, another neighbor, was gone by 1840.  From that date until the holding was joined to numbers 21 and 9 from 1847, the year of the Famine, and that was James Wills who was accumulating quite an amount of land in those years.  The strange thing is that in the rental it states that John McAndrew was there at the turn of the century and I have the next owner as Michael Callaghan who died on the 2nd February 1960.


No. 14.  Owen McDraw’s (McAndrew's) son, Domnick, had the land from 1840 and he died in 1871.  John McAndrew followed next; he was married  to Mary Walsh and they had a son, Pat in 1867.  According to the rental John McAndrew was in possession with Fergusons and the place was joined to no. 14, above.  The farm then went to son Henry James, who was ejected in 1905 and the place was sold to Edward Brogan for his son, John, who returned from America.  He was afterwards known as ‘John Yankee’.  He married and raised a large family.  Mickey Timoney and Mary Brogan married 7th February 1858.


No.15.  The account of this holding is as above.


No. 16.  John Brogan was married to Sara May and they had a son, James in 1838.  He was there in 1854 when another John Brogan took over, and I do not think it was his son, in the year 1863.  In 1883 Edward Brogan had it joined to his holding.  His son ‘John Yankee”, left it to his son, John, when he died in 1974, aged 96.


No. 17.  Henry Gillespie had a tiny holding.  He was processed for the rent in 1846 and it is recorded “no rent paid” in 1846 and from there he disappeared.  The place went to Pat McGowan and eventually to Tony Doyle.


No. 18.  John Ruane was noticed to quit in 1840, a man with another tiny holding and his land went the way of no. 17 above.


No. 19.  Francis Naughton was the son of Thomas.  He was married to Bridget Murry and was processed for the rent in 1846 but survived until 1852 when he gave up.  His widow died in 1871 and the land went to son, Pat, who was married to Catherine Hegarty and they had a son, Pat, in 1866.  When Pat died, his son, William, was the owner and I remember him coming to the forge at Rake Street with a cream coloured horse.  He died on the 6th July 1945 and left the place to his daughter, Cris, who was married to a McDermott of Carrowkeel.  He was a postman, living in Crossmolina.  Both are dead and a son survives.  John Naughton married Mary McNulty on the 20th March 1853.


No. 20.  Anthony Murry was gone by 1834 and the place went to Frank Naughton, his brother-in-law.  Note that Frank Naughton was married to Bridget Murry above. It was amalgamated into holding no. 19.


No 21.  Patrick Regan was gone by 1847 and in November of that year it was the property of James Wills.  Regan was another casualty of the Famine.


No. 22.  The Widow Honor Regan, wife of Thomas Regan, held on until 1852 and we find John Leonard had the place from 1854.  He was married to Ellen Fleming and he died in 1882.  His widow died the next year 1883.  The son, roger, inherited the land.


No. 23.  Michael Regan was married to Mary Murry, another neighbor, and they had a son, Peter, in 1831 and another son in 1834.  They were gone by 1840 and the property went to Pat McGowan and on to Tony Doyle.  There is a record of a Peter Regan marrying a Grace Quigley and they had a son, Michael, in 1833.  Anne McGowan was married to Michael Gordon of Gortduff 11th June 1854.


No. 24.  Daniel McKeon was married to Eleanor Murray.  They were gone around the Famine years and Michael Leonard took it but paid no rent and it went back to Bartly McAndrew, who held it until 1860.  John Brogan took over and held on to it.  From John it was passed to his son, Edward. to ‘John Yankee’, to John, Jnr. Who is unmarried.


No.25.  Pat Leonard, the last of the tenants, was married to Biddy M’Cune (Keon), and his son, Pat followed him.  He married to Cate Ruane.  Pat Sen. Died on the 17th February 1969, aged 93 years of age.  Pat himself died in 1910, the land going to Roger.



This is the official list of tenants in 1850, from Griffith’s Primary Valuation of Tenements.  As the tenants had land in different places in the village, I will only give the barest details as to the amount of land they had and the valuation of their houses.


            TENANT                               LAND VALUE         HOUSE VALUE

                                                            ₤:S:D                          ₤:S:D

            Dominick McAndrew             4:18:0                          0:10:0

            Bartly McAndrew                   7:5:0                            0:15:0

            John Brogan                            3:10:0                          0:10:0

            Pat Leonard, Jnr.                     4:5:0                            0:10:0

            Patrick Leonard, Snr.              6:10:0                          0:10:0

            James Wills                             13:5:0                          0:15:0

            Roger Leonard                        4:5:0                            0:13:0

            Francis Naughton                    4:15:0                          0:15:0

            Patrick McGowan                   10:5:0                          0:15:0

            Michael Gillespie                    6:5:0                            0:15:0

            John Regan                             3:5:0                            0:10:0

            John Gallagher                        4:10:0                          0:10:0

            Honoria Regan                        3:0:0                            0:10:0



List of tenants for rates in 1878. Pratt Estate; Rates, 1/3 in the pound.

            John McAndrew         33:2:12            4:18:0              0:6:1

            John Brogan                65:3:19            11:10:0            0:14:4

            Patrick Leonard, Jnr.   23:3:15            4:5:0                0:5:4

            Patrick Leonard, Snr.  64:1:2              6:10:0              0:8:4 ˝

            John Wills                   66:2:12            13:15:0            0:17:2 ˝

            John Donnelly             37:1:9              9:17:0              0:12:3 ˝

            Patrick Naughton        17:0:16            4:15:0              0:5:1 ˝

            John Barrett                17:0:0              3:5:0                0:5:7 ˝

            Mary McGowan          57:0:24            10:5:0              0:12:10 ˝

            John Regan, Snr.         11:0:33            3:5:0                0:4:0 ˝

            John Regan, Jnr           18:1:34            4:10:0              0:3:7 ˝

            John Leonard              31:2:18            3:0:0                0:3:9



John Mahon; John Regan; Anthony McGowan; Edward Brogan; John Barrett; John Donnelly; Francis Ferguson; John Wills; Pat Leonard; James Brogan; and William Naughton.

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