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There have been many notable Eustaces through the course of Irish history. As with any family the Eustaces have the noteworthy as well as the notorious, the famous and the infamous. Included on this list are well known individuals that married into the family or were descendents of Eustace women. Here's what we know about a few of them.

Andrew Eustace, Parish Priest

Bartholomew Eustace, Catholic Bishop

Eustace FitzJohn

Gerald Gearoid Mór Fitzgerald
Gerald Gearoid Og Fitzgerald

James Eustace, 3rd Viscount Baltinglass

John Eustice (Eustace, Eustis) of Janesville, Minn.

Kieran Eustace, Newtowncashel, County Longford

Louis Eustace of Newtowncashel, County Longford

Maurice Eustace, Lord Chancellor

Maurice Eustace of Castlemartin, Martyr

Patrick Eustace, Newtowncashel, County Longford

Richard FitzEustace

Richard Eustace of Gorteenvacan and Ballybyrne

Robert Eustace of Ballyloughrane

Roland FitzEustace, Lord Portlester

Roland Eustace, 2nd Viscount Baltinglass

Ronald Francis Eustice of Savage, Minnesota

Thomas Eustace, 1st Lord Baltinglass

Thomas Eustace of Kerdiffstown

Thomas Eustace of Westmeath & Vermont

Thomas Eustis of Victory Mills, New York

Thomas FitzGerald; aka "Silken Thomas"

William Eustice of LeSeuer, Minnesota


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